Friday, July 20, 2012

Art is Everywhere

Quote by Kurt Vonnegut

This really spoke to me this morning.  I have been holding onto something that I got at the Lewe sea glass festival, and I think its a perfect time to share it (I may have made small mention of it before).

After the show, as I was waiting for Justin to bring the truck in, there was a guy walking around, carrying a folder, jotting down notes.  He looked like he was looking for something, so I asked if I could help him.  I forget what he said, I believe he told me he was a bit crazy or something to that effect, started to walk away, and then came back.  He asked if I wanted one of his pictures.  He had a folder full of the same picture, he told me that he drew it that morning.  I said sure, I'd love one.

Then he asked if I would write a haiku with him.  If you remember from school, a haiku is three lines.  The first contains 5 syllables, the second comtains 7 and the last contains 5.

You know, in this scary world today, my first instinct was to tell this man to take off.  But there was something very sincere about him, about what he was doing.  My mind couldn't possibly think of a scam that he could be pulling.  So, I said sure.  Why not.

Here is the thing...................this is his art.  This was his way to spread his love of art to others. It was so simple and fun, but he was so bold to do so.  No internet, no facebook.  Good old face to face networking.  And how sceptical was I????  What does that say about the state of things these days?

Anyway- I am getting a bit off topic.  This post is based on the quote above, about art, and its many forms, and how we use it to live.  Here is the art we created together.

I made the title, and then he picked the first word, and I the next, back and forth, back and forth. 

Sunny Day
A bright tuna swims
Sunshine falls sometimes here
Hear it shout today

Looking back, I see we only had 6 syllables in the middle.  But its still beautiful. (We were in a hurry, since Justin came back with the truck and we were loading up. It was 100 degree's and we had to get back to the hotel!) 

I left feeling so amazing.  I was touched by his art, by his courage to approach people, many whom probably did brush him off.  But he still put his art out there.  He signed along the side, and though I never got his name, his art will always mean a lot to me.  When I read the above quote this morning, I immediately thought of this man.  I don't know what his story was.  But for some reason, he needed to do this.  It brought him joy.  It brought me joy too. 

Art to make life bearable, art to live. Art to bring joy. 

Here is my take on the quote above.

Art is like the smile on our faces.  We don't need it. It's not the  purpose of the mouth, but we are glad its there, and it makes life better for us and those around us.

So live some art today.

Have a great week ahead.  I am heading to our family vacation at the shore, so I will not be online.  I have some posts scheduled over at Love My Art Jewerlry for next week though.   


  1. Thank you, Staci. I hope you always keep an open heart and gather many more treasures along your path of life.

  2. A great reminder that part of an artist's life is putting yourself and your work out there. Sure there will be rejection, but also incredible joy when someone else's life is touched by your work and ideas. Thanks for sharing this encounter.

  3. What a beautiful story. I wish our society was to a point where we do not automatically think something bad will happen when we communicate with a stranger. I love that you played along and made both of you happy.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. What a great experience and an inspiring story. The Vonnegut quote is a favorite of mine. When you do art you have to do it. I guess it's a compulsion of sorts. Not doing it is like not breathing.

  5. i am so touched by this man's sincerity, by his incredibly strong desire to be out in the world interacting... an open and very brave human... one using his gift... if only we could all follow in his humble and meaningful footsteps -
    what an inspiration he is, and how lucky you were that day to be in that place at that time...
    maybe i look at making in a different way - while it isn't what we need to feed our bodies or protect them, people have had a need to express themselves since the beginning of our existence... making - be it images, words, music, or jewelry - holds the ability to feed the spirit, to allow us to process our world and feelings in ways that the natural laws cannot...
    thanks so much for sharing the story...

  6. What a wonderful quote. I love that you got to experience a random persons art with them. I would feel touched to have been picked as well. I'm glad you came away feeling re-charged from the experience. I know how much it re-charges me when I share my art with you and Karen :)

    Have a wonderful time at the beach with the family!

    xo Genea

  7. Staci, I am very touched by this post. If the man was indeed a little crazy, then he was undoubtedly carrying a lot of pain in his heart. His art was something that sustained and nourished him. I'm sure that most people rejected his offer out of fear or disgust for those who live on the margins of "reality". But you, my lovely soul, have such an open heart. This story says just as much about you as it does about him and about the power of art. I feel blessed to know you.

  8. What a lovely article! I found it via Linda Landig on Facebook and I have followed your blog.