Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where is the time going?

I am in a creative frenzy right now. At times, it paralyses me.  With so much to do, and so many ideas, I just can't possibly prioritize them all.

I make lists, and draw pictures.  Lots of lists and pictures.  I am itchin to make some jewelry but still have a lot to do with making components.  When you make all your pieces for jewelry production, its a while until you get to actually make the pieces of jewelry.  I am making clasps,


earwires, etched cuff blanks

 and domed earring sets at the moment.

  I am trying to list things on etsy as I have time as well.  I need to make more metal clay pieces for both my shop and for my spring jewelry line.

Right now jewelry production seems so far away its frustrating.  I did get to make a wonderful bracelet and it FELT SO GOOD! (see pics below)

I traded again with Genea of Genea Beads.  Its funny- our styles seem so different, but I adore her beads.  maybe its just that I love how stinkin original they are.

Here are some great things I got this time.

My favorite, is this picture frame.  It's now in my studio where I can see it as I work.

And my second favorite is the recycled beads.  She makes them from wine and cider bottles.  Since I got my package on St. Patti's Day, I quick whipped up this bracelet to wear out.  Love it.

  These beads are so cool, and I love that they are recycled.  And it takes more work for Genea to recycle glass then buy it.  Here are some pics of her process.  I am so happy she shared them, I love to see how things are made.

She is melting the bottle into a blob first.
Then as it gets more molten.................
She forms it into a workable rod.
She then has to make the beads from that rod. 
So it is more labor intensive, but its ecological, and she is always up for a challenge.  Please be sure to stop by and check out her work.  We are collaborating on a project right now, and can't wait to be able to tell everyone about it.

You can find her blog here.
Here etsy shop here.

Also- check out today's Love my Art Jewelry Post.  Its about the friends I have met online, and what I have learned about leaping into the virtual world.


  1. Love this! Your components are going to rock!

  2. Bracelet - awesome; frame display - awesome. Thanks for sharing

  3. That is so awesome to see it done -- and your work is always amazing!

  4. I totally know what you mean about time. I've been in a mad frenzy trying to get more items ready for an April show (not a big craft show--just a show/sale at NO School of Metalsmithing)and it seems that there aren't enough hours in the day. If I work on items for the show, I feel like I'm neglecting my shop. And, don't even get me started on how little time I've spent on Teams, and that sort of thing...

    BTW, your work looks awesome and congratulations on your Belle Armoire article!

    1. Feels good to know I'm not alone. I usually start my day with a list, FOR THE DAY, and it turns into the list for the week, and if I cross off three things by friday, and I call it productive! LOL!

  5. Staci - I took some time out, a much needed time out yesterday to read, and journal, and do laundry. So it wasn't a complete time out... I have the same challenge. SO dance away from the paralysis. The not knowing where to start. Having so many ideas, and so me - different directions - where to begin? I draw everything, an never without a sketchbook. ANd I make the lists. On a good day I feel accomplishments as I cross things off. On a bad day - overwhelmed by NOT crossing things off. You are not alone. JDR