Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beads, Beads and More Beads

I know my posts have been pretty boring.  I am bored by them.  But I have been spending all my spare time making beads for Berks.  Since everything I make has to be done in phases, it has felt like I will never have enough beads done for the show.  However, I turned a corner this week and things are coming together.  I still have a lot to do. 

I got another few batches of polymer done.  They still need to be painted, but I finally feel like I have enough.
The beads on the plate below all need to be drilled yet.  The colorful ones were made by the kids.  They had a blast playing with polymer too.

Then there are the "to be riveted" beads.  I have this tray with the backs cut out already, but they still need to be sanded and textured.
And then there is this plate below that still needs backs cut out for them to be riveted to.
Then there is the "to be waxed" plate.........don't ya like my organizational system?
Then there are the wings that need to be waxed as well.  Geez.  The more I type this out, the more work it seems like.  I felt almost done earlier!

Then there are these guys. they need holes punched and some liver of sulpher and they are done.
 The moons below will be soldered to wire that swirls around them.  Not sure they will all get done in time.  The other pieces will get soldered to a domed copper piece to make a lentil bead.

last, but not least, these items below will be bezeled.  Its been ages since I did a batch and I hope I don't forget how to do it.
Thats it.  I also have etching that needs to be cleaned.  I forgot to photo them.  Then there is packaging and pricing.  Wish me luck, and come see me next weekend at the Berk Bead Bazaar in Reading PA!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks and YES- very busy. But I am balancing, keeping some down time for the kids and hubby. Though this week may be different;)

  2. Those all look wonderful. I love the "broken" hearts. Are they going to be riveted/stitched together or left apart? Either way, I bet they turn out beautifully.

    1. Thanks! The broken hearts get a backing and are stitched to it with wire and riveted. They are a fun design, but a bear to make.....I will probably save them for my jewelry designs this spring.

  3. Hey thanks for your comment on my post today about teaching. Really appreciate it. Your work is great! Take care, Riki

    1. Very nice to meet you Riki. I really enjoyed the post. I think teaching is in my future, I love being with people and naturally end up teaching whatever I am seem to be doing. Any and all advivce is great!!!