Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday

Today- and probably for the entire month of February, there will be beads on my table, all kinds of beads being created.  I am feeling the crunch of the Berks Bead Show Looming now.  Wish me luck!

I am starting my copper etching today and cannot wait to see how my new designs turn out!
I electro-etch my copper.  I was using batteries, ILO acid, to be green, but was going through too many batteries, making the process not very green after all.  I could not afford the E3 Etch Kit, so I made my own.  Thankfully I found a guy at RadioShack who understood what I was trying to do. He probably thought I was crazy at first, but he got it.  For about $40 I made an electro-etch kit.  It takes longer then etching with a battery (battery takes 15-20 minutes, and this way takes about 4-5hours) but I have learned to just be patient (kind of).

And I am painting.  I need to get these done, so I can list some hearts for V-day.  Plus I need to open up my desk for metal clay. Gotta start that this week and get it rolling.  Lots to make, lots to make!!!

Hearts are almost all done.  I have some waiting for a special top secret paint method.

And it doesn't even look like I put a dent in this.  Better get movin!!!!

And I hate when I do this..........I will try something out in a batch, but just make one because I'm not sure I will like it all done, and then I love it and wish I had more.  Anyhow- Look for more sea thing donuts in the future.

So thats it.  A quick post to show off my bead table.

What's on your Bead Table????


  1. My dog is on the bead table ..... I need to be really productive today and she is working against me! Happy Wednesday!

    1. My dog would be able to get up on my bead table, mine are both huge lab mixes!!!! LOL! Give her a treat and get workin!!! I gotta get off this computer and go work. Beads aint gonna paint themselves

  2. Looking good and I was your 190th person to join your blog!! :) Thank you for all your help and encouragement lately!!

  3. You've got all kinds of pretties going on over there! I really like your method of doodling on the large piece of copper for etching. I might borrow that idea if I can ever catch up. I can't wait to see how those turn out.