Monday, January 30, 2012

A months worth of blogging on a Monday.........

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First of all, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making the fundraiser successful.  It is still open, and goes until this evening.  I will let everyone who donated know how much we raised, and how I gift it to the Sirianni's.  I will also surprise each one of you that donated, with something, sometime this year, as my way of saying thanks!  You guys rock, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much your friendships and encouragment has meant to me, and then to go a step further and see the depths of your hearts for others, it just overwhelms me with happiness to be a part of such a wonderful community.  (yes, I am sure thats a run on sentence)

So I feel like I've been really absent on here.  I thought the winter would bring more blogging time then the summer, but I guess I was wrong.  I am really busy making beads for the Berks show, and I feel like I have a million things in the "almost done" category, and none in the finished. 
Here is a picture of my "to be painted" polymer  bin. It has almost doubled in size since I took this picture.

Here are the beads my younest and littlest son made (collin AKA bubba)- he begged to make some, who am I to deny him?  He picked out his own stamps and everything.  I think he did pretty good.

Here is a tray of copper hearts that are actually done.  The little ones are double sided charms for bracelets.  I will be listing some of these this week in my artisan accents shop.  A must have for V-day!

I also made some more wire heart pendants that everyone liked so much last year, though this year they are in copper.  I will be listing these this week too.  This is it, limited edition this year.  NO special orders.  Sorry, no time.  There are some in antiqued copper, red and peacock blue.

Here are blocks and blocks of copper squares waiting to be etched.  I had a blast doing these. It took an entire afternoon to measure and draw them all. Now they need to be heat set and then etched.  That's gonna take awhile since I can only do a couple blocks a day.  (it takes about 4-5 hours to electro etch each set).  I have some new designs, including sugar skulls, which I just love.

One day the other week, we decided to make "Marcel the Shells" as a fun project with my sister in law and the cousins.  We all had fun, and us growns up even made some.  Here is the link to see Marcel the shell with shoes on (which our craft was based on).  I highly reccomend it.  Make me laugh every time.  So stinkin cute.

And here is Marcel the shell with shoes on II. 

And here are our Marcels. 

Quite the quirky bunch!

Then of course, I have been washing dishes, doing laundry, making meals and trying to keep up with the kids along with visiting a sick Poppop.  So taking time for this stuff (below) is important.

Julia is reading to everyone here.  We took the day off Sunday to just relax, since Justin threw his back out hunting (our version of grocery shopping;).  He is pretty laid up and heading to the chiropractor tomorrow.  In the meantime, its a chance to slow down with the kids, and it warms my heart to see them piled all togther!
Whew!  Is that it?  Are we good and caught up now?

Stay tuned later this week for a mini-novel based on a true story.  It's called "The Mystery of the Missing Spiral Pop".  It was almost a cliffhanger until the........well, I don't want this to contain spoilers.  TTFN!


  1. Good Morning,
    Are any of those smaller hearts available?


    1. Yes- I plan to list them either later today or tomorrow, but not all of them. Which ones would you like to see listed?

  2. everything looks terrific - and i love the marcel the shells! :0) so sorry your hubby is hurt - amazing sometimes what it takes to slow down and just 'be'... happy to hear about your poppop...

  3. Your Marcels are just adorable. I may have to try that with the kiddo. And I'm drooling over your little hearts. I think they are a must have for every day. :)

  4. That was SO funny! I love the lint as a dog... Man - that was a lot of thought that went into that (was probably hysterical coming up with it all...). Delighted about the fundraiser! Yay Berks! I should put it on my calendar and Chloe and I come up to see you (and everyone else).

    Great work Staci! Can't wait to see how you finish up those beads :)

    1. You should stop by Berks!!! That would be sooo fun! I think Kristie Roeder and Melinda Orr are going to stop by too. I am almost as excited just to see everyone:) And yes- marcel is wonderful. The kids favorite is the lint dog too, but I love when she says, "I also have a face and I like that about myself" LOL!

  5. You've been so busy working, and your hearts are beautiful - all of the, but I love those wire ones too!

  6. Beautiful really *have* been busy!
    I wish your husband a total & rapid recovery.

  7. Everything is gorgeous as always, Staci! So happy to see it all, and I know what you mean about blogging... I am with you ((HUGS))

  8. Marcel the Shell! My son shared this with me and it is so silly! I will have to look at your versions more closely with him. He will be stoked. Sorry about your hubby's back. Ouch! But the pile on dad reading is so heartwarming! Hang in there with your show orders. Your stuff rocks the house, Miss Stacie! I know you will do well!
    Enjoy the day!

    1. I love that my littles gave dad his precious blanket to snuggle, note its wrapped around his neck? Because to him, other then mommy, nothing makes an ouchie feel better. Aren't they so sweet? OH I just love them. Thanks for the kind words about the beads, I am dreaming about them at this point! I can't imagine doing a big show like B&B. new respect to the bead makers!