Friday, January 27, 2012

Bulls Eye on My Heart and a Chance to Give

It's the Artisan Clay design team reveal day, and I got this great pendant from Kristie in the mail.  I was feeling a little rusty after our break from the design team because I always try to make her style fit my style.  So as I was making my many hearts in copper (valentines prep), I got this idea for a Bulls Eye on my Heart.

I went monochromatic on it, with the copper and brown tones, so that the bulls eye really stands out.  I mean, if you are waiting for Cupid to tag you in the heart, you want to make it easy for him, right?

Now- how you can give. 

Friends of mine have experienced the worst thing imaginable.  They lost their second child at 7 months old in under 3 years.  They both had Alagilles Syndrome.  You can read their blog here, it has all the details of their journey.  It is absolutely heartbreaking, and when they lost Cole this week, it was pretty unexpected.  My heart is shattered, and I cannot even fathom the depths of their grief.  Though, they have faith in a God who loves them, and this humbles me.  Through their pain they continue to look up, and love their Lord.  Their strength is a testimony.  The funeral is today, so I ask for prayers of comfort for them, and their whole family today.

I am not sure how they will use the money I raise here.  Perhaps to help with funeral costs?  A beautiful headstones?  A Plaque to remember him by?  Maybe they will donate it to something in his name?  Even if can just buy them some meals so Ashley can rest, I know it will bless them in some small way. 

So its an auction today.  Highest bid gets the necklace.  You can also donate below by clicking the donate button at the bottom. 

To bid, leave a comment below with your name, email and the amount you bid.  Bidding starts at $25.00. Open until Monday evening, January 30th.  Please share this as well.

Here are the details of the necklace.  The focal is large- top of the heart to the bottom is 3.5" and its 2.75" wide.  Pendant has mykonos beads atop the bail, artisan clay focal, recycled sari silk in chesnut brown and copper chain and clasp.  Its adjustable with a max of about 20", so it can be worn longer or shorter.

Thanks in advance for your loving caring hearts.

Doantions are now closed.  but please continue to pray for this dear family.

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  1. It's beautiful Staci and so sweet that you are helping out by auctioning it off to help this family. I can't imagine what they are going through.
    I will start the bidding off at $25
    Shannon C

  2. The jewelry blogs are now the fund raiser blogs. I should rename this catagory I guess. We would be embarassed if our friends asked people to donate. We don't expect others to kick in for our problems. We do not reach out to strangers to pay our bills. There are about 10 of these fund raisers going on now or in the last 6 months or so starting with Andrew Thorton's medical bills. Well, I am sorry, this is just TOO much and TOO many hands out.

  3. Wow. Anonymous, (cowardly way to go by the way)I am so sorry that you are so embittered by people trying to help others. If I lost a child, I think I would not be able to make meals for awhile, or live my life for a bit. I think embarassment would be the last thing on their minds. They mourn their only two children. So if a gift can help them to just buy some meals, and stay home from work and have one less thing to worry about other then how they will possibly go on with their lives, then I am happy to do that for them. I think the jewelry community is wonderful for taking their gift and using it to bless others. Who do you think you are to say I shouldn't donate the money from this necklace ILO keeping it for myself? We barely make bills to. I don't ask for help. If someone out of the kindness of their heart sacrificed to give me a gift, I may be embarrassed, but mostly I'd feel loved, and thankful they cared enough to do something special for me. I cannot tell you how sorry I feel for you and the bitter life you lead. Our awful world can only be changed one little act of kindness at a time.

  4. It's a beautiful necklace Staci, and a beautiful thing you are doing!

  5. Wow anonymous, are a real a$& for leaving that comment. That is probably the most hateful comment i have had to read through...We in the jewelry community don't want you to read our blogs...get a life..sounds like you need one.

    I bid $50

  6. This is a beautiful necklace and an amazing outpouring of love. We recently had a beloved teacher fall down the stairs and require brain surgery - he will be in rehab for A YEAR! The whole communtiy has gotten together to cook meals for them so the family may spend their time with him instead of worrying about what is for dinner. It is truly an unselfish gift to someone who is suffering! XOXO You rock!

  7. Staci, the necklace is beautiful and the idea of donating the money raised to your friends makes you and everyone who donates an angel. My heart aches for your friends. I stare at my beautiful son and I know that I am blessed and I thank God for blessing me. I don't think I could function if I went through what they are and have gone through. Again, such a lovely sentiment you are doing for your friends and I hope it can represent something meaningful for them. The necklace is gorgeous. I hope it raises bundles of cash and the donations come in too.

  8. Great necklace Staci - good luck with auction, happy to have helped a little.

  9. Staci what a wonderful thing you are doing for your friends...they are lucky to have you and my heart goes out to them as i could not even begin to understand the hearbreak they must be going through...anyoneone whole has carried a baby in the whomb knows what a miracle it is and the bond that grows month by month and the joy to finally see your miracle for the first time and hold them in your arms and share the love of this new life with friends and family and then the heartach of losing it not once but twice...those same family members and friends that shared the joy are now there to share the heartach and hold one anothers hands through this sad the way coward his name is Andrew ThorNton and he is a beautiful is our whole community of wonderful people i am proud to be a part of...if u dont like it then go away and cower in a corner somewhere in your own selfish world...we dont need you here God forbid you are never struck down with illness or something far worse and need assitance...well we would never know because you are too ashamed of your own words to put a name on them....

  10. You guys are super sweet. I have decided that everyone who donates with the button, will get a little something from me at some point this year. That is my thank you for helping out. just a little surprise, because you deserve it.

  11. WTH? How is it that someone can be so bitter about the right of another to do what they can to help someone in need? And then feel the need to write comments that are so mean-spirited while hiding behind the mask of 'Anonymous.' Not only black hearted but cowardly as well.

    True generoity of spirit is not a bad thing in any place or time. I applaud you for doing what you can, with what you have, where you are. And if Anonymous is only out there reading the jewelry blogs for happy-go-lucky feel good moments filled with eye candy for their entertainment pleasure, then I would suggest they find another group of blogs to read. The Internet is a whole lot bigger than we are and if it isn't worth your time to read, move along quietly.

    Miss Staci, you are the sweetest person. You are a bright spot on the planet. Don't let one misguided soul get you down.

    Enjoy the day!

  12. Staci, you touch my heart beyond words. I can't begin to fathom the losses your friends have experienced. To have what is a generous and loving gift from you to your friends (because whoever wins the auction is getting something for their money - you are the one doing the actual donating, not them) in tarnished by an anonymous mean spirit is sad, unnecessary, and well...I could think of a few choice words for that person. Instead of using those words, however, I'm going to get my irate self over to the donate button to do some good.

    It is so appropriate that your challenge piece includes a huge heart, just like yours1 *hugs*

  13. I'm so glad I found this - what a lovely thing you are doing and your necklace is just gorgeous. I will donate via the "Donate Button" - thank you for setting it up on your blog.

  14. As far as there being too many sad reasons to give to them all, it is true. But for some fateful reason,I came to read your blog today Stacie. And you touched my heart. So today I choose to give what I will to you for your friend and her family. I can not even imagine the pain they are going through. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you- you guys rock. I will let you all know the final tally Monday night.

  15. Staci - I think your work is beautiful and I think it is so thoughtful of you to take this opportunity to help your friends out. I can't even imagine what life would be like to lose a child - and for your friends - a second child. My heart breaks for what they must be going through.

    I appreciate your reaching out to our community to help out. When my mom died, and I was pregnant with my daughter, it meant so much to me that my bead show friends all pitched in and sent me a sympathy card with a bunch of different restaurant gift cards so that my husband and I could take a break and get out of the house and not stress about a couple of meals. Their thoughtfulness will never be forgotten during a very difficult time in my life.

    I hope that these donations help your friends through their time of need. And I pray that they never have to go through something like this ever again...
    Hugs to you and your friends!

  16. LANA bid $51 for the necklace, but she can't seem to log on right now. thanks