Friday, November 18, 2011


I am truely begining to see that happiness is directly related to how thankful we are for what we already have.

If you are always thinking about what you want and what you missed, you are losing those moments that are actually happening NOW.

So by quieting ourselves..............looking around our here and now...........................and finding those little things...................that are present, to be thankful for, we find a way to be content with what we are given.  To find joy in the daily gifts that are ours for the taking.

I really loved making myself a bracelet of gratitude.  I am currently reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and it is just an amazing journey to take with her.  I encourage you to read it, her writing style is positively wonderful, poetic.

I have been working on my gratitude list, like she does in the book......though its not all in once place, or any kind of order, I am doing it.  So I wanted to somehow make my list into jewelry form, for the November Art Spark over at Love my Art Jewelry.

Here is what made it onto my bracelet.....though you can't read them too well, I know what they say.......

faith, family, friendship, music, love, childs laughter, God, leaves, ocean breezes, snowflakes, sun, moon, stars....................................

I etched the main cuff of the bracelet (holy cow, I know its huge!!!)  I was not sure what to do with it after that.  I planned for it to go horizontally around my wrist, but kept placing it verticle, and knew this was going to be one huge bracelet.  Then I antiqued it and added a verdigris patina on the swirl....because it needed some whimsy.  (note: I did have an mis-etch, a spot of grease or something, a blob.....but I didn't despair, because, nothing is perfect, and I am thankful for that too)

I chose to do a spiral, because it was fitting, since gratitude starts within us.  And as we practice gratitude, it spirals outward into our life, and the lives of others.

I cannot seem to just bead symetrically, though I really wanted to.  So I made some attachments to one side out of 14 gauge wire, with the ends flattened, and then attached them to a cool spiral "S" I made.  Since I am thankful I get to be me.  That I get to have Staci Louise Originals, and do something I love.

I then attached a double strand of super chunky chain to balance out the 4 strands of pearls gemstones and beads on the other side.  I made sure to use my favorite things, those which I am thankful for, like one really great bead from MaryAnn Carroll, some abalone, pearls, labradorite, turquoise and a couple others too.

I love it.  I look at it and I am thankful.  I am thankful for all those things listed and then some.  I am thankful that I am always growing as an artist.  I am thankful I am always growing as a person, a mom and a wife.  I am thankful for this gift, and hope I can use it to bless others where ever possible.

I know its hard to tell, but I love how it looks on.  Its huge, and I, well, I kinda feel like Wonder Woman a little bit with it on!  hehe!  Ok, now stop laughing at me. 

Here is what else made my actual list this week...................

healthy children
dog bites that miss the eye
crisp fall night
moon in the sky
kisses on tears
the gift of new tires on my truck
a bowl of beads waiting to become my Art Spark design
Collin singing praise songs with his head phones on
Julia's sweet smile of helpfullness
Aidens ever present conversation
laughs of sheer joy at the play doh table
kissing sleeping childrens cheeks
hot coffee on a cold morning
warm sweaters

What are you most thankful for this month?

PLease consider making yourself a little gratitude jewelry and submitting to this months Art Spark.  Its a great way to get to know each other as artists, challenge ourselves, and hey, you can win prizes too!


  1. Fantastic bracelet Staci!!! I love it!

    I can't help developing a big grin when you speak of not managing to bead symmetrical, even if you want to. I can't either. What is that? What? And why? Is it a desease?

    On a somewhat funny note ... I visited Objects and Elements blog just before I came here, and Linda Landig has also made a Wonder Woman bracelet. Is it a wonderful coincidence? Or is there a challenge I've missed? Hers is also absolutely gorgeous. What if I could own them both? I'd be a double Wonder Woman. Ah ... dreams ...

    All my best,

  2. i love it... and your list too.

  3. Absolutely stunning piece and the meaning behind it just makes it even more amazing. Thank you for sharing <3

  4. Love, it Stacie. It's powerful and that is fitting as gratitude is one of the most powerful things we can express or feel in life.

  5. Wonder Woman! Love the bracelet...and such a nice description of the process.

  6. Staci, what an amazing piece!!! I love that every component has a meaning. I enjoyed reading about all the things that you are grateful for.

    I had to laugh at you not being able to make a symmetrical piece. When I started making jewely that's all I could make--couldn't seem to wrap my head around anything else. But now it's just the opposite, and my husband just shakes his head.

    Have a great week Wonder Woman!

  7. Saw this on LMAJ and agree that you are wonder woman! This unique work of art has really touched is full of passion and creativity. Love your style!