Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blurry Week...Exciting Stuff.....

Well, this week has been a blur!  Halloween was snowy on the east coast for the first time in my lifetime!  So many power outages, trees down, absolutely crazy!

My Aiden was sick, just a cold, but opted not to trick or treat.  We share all the goods anyway.  Here were my little ones................
a snow princess and a viking.  Homemade snow princess outfit is an old flower girl dress that was given to us, white gloves and hat with a tiara from her princess collection, and the viking is sisters jean jacket turned inside out to reveal the fur, sisters ugg boots, pirate hand hook from previous years, and viking hat made from tin foil and masking tape.  I loved it.  So fun to make your own costumes.

That was Monday- on sunday and monday we had some house guests that were displaced due to the power outages (my mom and poppop).  It was very nice to have some time with Poppop, and he and the kids had a blast!

Then Tuesday I spent most of the day in the ER with Aiden....asthma out of control.  He's ok.  He just needs that extra strong neb now and again.  I just wish he didn't have to suffer with it.  But its all he's known, so he's a trooper about it.

Yesterday was Halloween withdrawl craziness in my house, with Aiden home and collin tired, it was chaos. 

I did begin the patina process on my new copper clay pieces, made copper leaves and Loop T Loops for the shop and took some pics.
Here are some of my new pendants I made from the Antique Bible molds I made (in copper clay).  Here are a couple (check my Artisan Accents shop this weekend for the listings...
dragon fly- each one has little hidden crosses in the artwork (since they are from an antiqued tooled leather Bible cover)
LOVE this one and heart key with a cross
dragonfly with multi-holes for dangles
drgonfly tri-connector
heart and cross bird pendant
and last but not least, this beautiful star of david pendant

Today I am kicking butt and catching up.

NOW, for the exciting news part.

Stop by here tomorrow to find out how you can be part of the biggest art bead swap, chain, giveaway thing EVER!  (ok, maybe not ever, but maybe)  Its awesome and fun and being held by Love My Art Jewelry.

Here is a sneak peek.......

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  1. GAH! I am so loving these new pieces, Miss Staci. Tell me that they will be available for purchase sometime soon.

    I love homemade costumes best of all. Tiny Dancer was a "genie-belly dancer-gypsy-arabian princess" (she said airaBEEin - too cute!) with a handmade costume. Last year Rocket was Charlie Brown (this year he just turned his baseball cap backwards, wore a chain with his pants slung low and called himself a Gangsta - seriously?! Pfft...he is 13. What are you going to do?). I love the inventiveness of these costumes. Wicked good fun. Of course they would not let me take any pictures of them the past two years. Bah. I will just have to remember that I lived it. ;-)

    Enjoy the day!