Monday, October 10, 2011

Who Knew?????

Who knew that an old book could have so much potential????  Kristi Bowman, thats who.  If you don't know who she is, you should hop over to her blog or her etsy shop.  She is a fellow metal clay bead artist who loves texture as much as I do!!!!  Well, awhile back, she did a blog post about an old bible she found at a yard sale, and how she planned to use it for texture.  I thought that was wonderful.  I can really connect with my art when the things I make have a back story, and what better back story then a piece of history brought back to life!!!

So I kept this in the back of my mind.  Well, over the weekend, I went to a yard sale, and on the table was a PILE of old Bibles.  I mean, like 20 of them.  Giant, family, leather bound Bibles, some with locks and everything, in all their artistic leather tooled glory!!!!  So I took a deep breath and asked how much.  Waiting for something to rich for me to afford, the lady replied, $5 each.  What???????  I'll take two!  I wanted them to use as background for photo's, but also, for the texture.  I found this one first, I loved the color, and the patterns were great.  I thought the open middle would be great for photos.
The Bible is a German one from the 1800's.  Its so very cool.  I can't wait to show my best friend, who comes from very German blood.  I think she will like it!

The table was full of wonders, but I could only spend for two.  So this one won out for the second purchase.  I fell in love with the artistry of the leather work.  Its like a painting you would see in an old church.  I think I see a pendant series springing forth from this one.

I mean- the detail is crazy!  The pictures carved into this Bible are beautiful, with a great organic flow. 

So- I totally got these Bibles for art reasons, however, I couldn't stop being amazed at how wonderfully decorated these were.  I often think that things of this nature are just showing off, that you don't need all that pomp and circumstance to adore your God.  HOWEVER, this book was important.  It was revered.  The time and care it took to design this, shows that.  So I cracked it open, and found something even more interesting.  There is a complete early day encyclopedia inside, before the Bible even starts.  It goes through Roman history, mythology, the Greeks, the history of money, leaders, wars, the reformation, there's a dictionary of important people, AND the full Bible.  I mean, to some family, this book was everything.  Wow.  I am kind of humbled.  I think I love this old find for sooo many reasons.  I have never really been into antiques, but now, I see the appeal.  I can wonder who loved this book, where it has been, what it has seen.  Did it marry young couples in love?  Did it bury loved ones, celebrate births?????  Ahhh, I get it.  History.  Love it. Very cool find.  Thanks Kristi for the idea to use such great old art, to create with, and opening a door to the world of antiques for me!


  1. That is so beautiful!! I think it might have even better texture than mine!! I'm drooling over here and can't wait to see you use it!!

  2. Great title for your post, and what a Great Find! Unbelievable. You can even use the pages, I imagine.

  3. Wow those are gorgeous! I hope you remember where you got them so when you get more money you can drop by and ask if she still has any left ;) you never know!

  4. Oh, you totally scored! Those are seriously awesome. Can't wait to see what comes from this rich palette of inspiration!

  5. They are really beautiful, I must admit I have caught the antique bug lately, I love the history behind things.

  6. Oh my word -- I've never seen anything like those in my antiquing!