Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LBI Sea Glass Festival at Things a Drift NJ

Well- I made a lot of jewlery for this show, in fear I wouldn't have the variety I needed.  I came home with all of it!  I think with the NASGA show in NJ this year, (and it's this coming weekend), we were competing for business.  Last year I sold WAY more, with less then half the turn out we had this year.  I mean, I would do the same thing asa buyer, wait until the big show to spend my sea glass money!  Lots of lookers this year and many fun folks came out to talk sea glass.  So, although it wasn't a big money show,  I love to do it anyway, and I love sea glass fans, and the other vendors were just great too!  Plus- I get some time on the island with my husband and no kids.  No more to be said there.  Its all good.

I did do demonstrations of how to drill sea glass, and sold some loose glass and drill bits.  I always have people ask me about it, so I was glad that I thought to bring all that stuff this year.

I didn't take any photos, and I really wish I had. I caught the cold that was going through my house last week, and had no voice, and was run down and tired.  I mostly sat and just played with sea glass and beads (and gabbed with the other vendors, though  my voice sounded like I smoked two packs a day for 50years!)

Here are some pictures I took of the newest sea glass necklaces I made for the show.  Hope you like them.....I will be listing some next week.

Anyone going to the big festival next weekend??????  NASGA in Long Branch NJ?


  1. Those necklaces are soooo beautiful!

  2. I'm so sorry you didn't sell, your pieces are beautiful and inspirational. I use lots of beach pebbles and am just starting to get into sea glass.

  3. Oh WOW!! You're pieces are amazing!! Crazy gorgeous!! You know even the best of us have bad days. The next one will be better!!

  4. Those are all so pretty. I'll have to check back and see if you have any tips for drilling sea glass. I got a few pieces that I thought would be drilled but weren't. And although, I enjoy wire wrapping them, I'd like to have a few pieces drilled. Too bad you didn't sell much, but great that you got some together time with your hubby.