Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Takin some time with family......................

Well, I feel like I haven't done ANYTHING for a week!  My eldest got his tonsils and adenoids removed last Wednesday.  We were told its a 1-2 week recovery.....and it really is!  Poor guy.  He's in so much pain, has to take the pain meds (with codine) every four hours (including overnight- I have to set my alarm), and OH BOY are we tired!!! 

So let me try to sum up the last week-

Wednesday post op- he did great!  The nurses loved him and one said she wished all her pediatric patients were this good.  I was a mess though, it was hard to watch them wheel him away, knowing he was scared.  But its all good, part of that life and learning thing!

We were totally blessed by friends from our care group at church who brought meals the first few days.  It was so nice to not have to worry about that...and they even made soft things like homemade applesauce and carrot soufle for Aiden.  What great friends!!!!!

So I spent the next few days caring for him.  But saturday I had a show at my Dad's church, it was their 185th anniversary celebration.  It was hard to leave Aiden with my hubby (ya know, I just wanted to be the one caring for him...) but I decided to take my daughter with me and make it a girl day, besides, I needed a helper.
It was super windy- but a beautiful fall day.  Julia and I had a blast.  It wasn't a real busy show, but the celebration turned out really nice.  Here are some pics....

My dad, his dad (grandpop), dads brother (my uncle) and my cousins son all played some good old tunes for us.

My dad

These teens below were there to spread the word of peace.  I just fell in love with these guys.  They played with the little kids all day, and they write their own programs from their own experiences with bullying, teaching kids about being peacemakers.  GREAT kids!  Julia made some good friends there.


Below is a couple shots of my booth.  Julia helped me set up the tent and carried the weights to each post for me.  She is one tough chicky!  She also set up all the earrings.

All in all it was a really nice day, with lots of family stopping by to hang out, old friends coming to visit and shop, and just a lot of fun with my baby girl.
Above- Julia and friends watching her pop and family play some old time country tunes.

On sunday- though we weren't supposed to take Aiden anywhere, we decided to try to tour a dairy farm and take a small hayride.  It was free, and just a little walking...and Aiden wasn't staying put at home anyway (he's supposed to be resting).  I am glad we did.  LIke I said, it was low key activity wise, but lots of info, and the kids got to pet some calfs and learn all about milking cows, and raising pigs.....and took a hayride.  Fun time. 
Yesterday- I just tried to catch up around here, and today, my studio is getting cleaned.  I should have snapped a pic of it.  Horrible, over run, messy, boxes, crates, bags, in the hallway, all over the floor, can't even get to my table.   Time to pack up the show stuff, re-organize and get into winter production mode.  Heading in there now. 

So now you know where I've been.  Whew!


  1. missed you!!! and soon Aiden will be so much better and this will all be a thing of the past. It is painful..but it will help him in the future. I loved your blog post.. hearing about Dad, your show, the girls, word of peace.. seems like you had alot of good around you on the day that you were really hurting for Aiden.. that really means your life is good.. big hugs! Lisa

  2. You sure have had a lot going on! I hope little Aiden is in full recovery now - he's gone through so much.
    Your show and get together with your Dad and Grandpop look like it was so much fun and an event to remember!