Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday Art Bead Scene Challenge

I feel like it has taken forever to make my Art Bead Scene October Challenge piece!  My studio has been in such disarray that I couldn't even find my pliers to assemble this.  I have had all the pieces laying there, under other things that got piled on top, but just couldn't get in there to create it.  So, after a lot of cleaning, and organizing, and finding of the pliers, it is done and that feels SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Before I show you what I made, I will show you the picture its based on...........................
A Hedgehog in a Landscape, 1643-51
9¼ x 15 in. 23.5 x 38 cm. bodycolor on vellum
by Giovanna Garzoni

I could not wait to make a piece based on this painting.  Nature is such a big theme in my jewelry, that this was perfect!  I also really liked the muted color palatte....all neutrals.  I knew right away I wanted to use one of my fold formed leaves that I made, and some stones as well.  I also thought I'd make a bracelet this time, something chunky, but I couldn't get it to lay right, so it became a necklace, and I am glad it did!

So- I did end up using my fold formed leaf, a smoke fired bead by Artisan Clay, a nice slab nugget of fossil coral, one of my loopTloops in antiqued copper, some little drilled stones from a seller on etsy (I can't remember who, it was sooo long ago) and some awesome ribbon from Lisa Jurist~Mudhound Studio    on etsy.  I made the clasp and matching swirl link as well.  Once I wore this necklace, I ended up wiring the leaf and smokefired bead together so the leaf wouldn't flip....I guess the different weights of them kept making it hang funny.  I didn't get a pick of that, but its all on the back, so it doesn't really change the designs at all.  I really like the creams, browns and greys together and will probably do more pieces in these colors. 

So that is it, all thats on my bead table this wednesday.  Whats on your bead table???


  1. I love, love, love that necklace - the leaf is just super!

  2. Gorgeous! I love everything about this necklace, the colors, the stone choices, the copper! Love, love it!

  3. Gorgeous necklace!! Love all of your details!

  4. Oh that is beautiful! Perfect for the inspiration picture!

  5. A gorgeous piece! Actually I can't stop looking at it. I love the colors, and that each component, though very different, work so well together.

  6. This was definitely one of my favorites this month. The leaf is wonderful..just wonderful!

  7. Definitely a less is more design. Minimalist, contemporary, yet warm and incredibly inviting. I love your use of scale, value and texture!