Monday, September 26, 2011

Self Taught Artist, Mom, Blogger, and Tired!

So, these last few months have been really tough.  I am not an organized person, so multi-tasking for me looks more like I can't find my keys!  However, I love all my jobs, designing jewelry, learning new techniques and of course, being a MOM!

This week, I am feeling the downside to my jobs.  I don't want to complain, but just, let you see the other side.  Its not all good shows, designs that turn out as planned and rainbows.  Teaching myself jewelry saves me money, and I can do it at my own pace, from home, in my own time.  It also means that to get to this point..................(doing bezels again!!)
You get a lot of this!
My pile of "what the heck happend there?" keeps growing.  But, I am learning with each melted, unsoldered / half- soldered piece!

I am also feeling my mortality as a mom, with another kid sick (double ear infection, tonsilitis and possible strep!) and numerous injuries from working while tired!  I cut myself on my right thumb between the nail and skin (OUCH!) burnt my left thumb, blister to prove it, and sanded a nail almost through!  I also made a mistake announcing the Art Spark winner on LMAJ!  I need some rest. 

This weekend is my sea glass festival.  It means a crazy week of prep, but, it also means 4 days on LBI with my hubby (only two working the festival).  We need a break!  Times are tough.  He's not finding work.  I am working and not making $$$.  School started, sick kids, you know, just another September.  We will get through it.  I don't worry as much as him, but it's still stressful.  I just try to look forward to the day we will remember that tough fall we had, in hindsight.  But boy, do we need a weekend alone and away to remember that life can be slowed down, and quiet, and romantic!  I can't wait until friday, when we are packed and driving to the shore.  We get free lodging, so its a real treat!  So, I just keep telling myself, a few more days, and then I will be able to relax with the one I love.
(sorry for the ramble)

So, tell me, do you like to teach yourself, and work through all the mistakes?  Or are you more of a class person?

What do you look forward to during tough times?


  1. I am all self taught, but would love to take a few classes, specifically lamp working........I will be taking a class this thursday, not lamp working, but torch enameling, at art and soul, in Portland! I am so excited! And nervous too, the only classes I have been in in over 30 something years were work related.....enjoy your time walone with your hubby you deserve it!

  2. I take classes but I think I learn from trial and error. I would really like to learn to do ceramics make my own beads and pendants. I would also like to hammer some metal too that looks like lots of fun. My husband and I have had some tough times financially to and it has taken along time for us to get back on our feet but I am always thankful that we weathered the storm and are still going strong.

    Have a wonderful weekend/trip with your husband, I hope that you can relax and recharge your engines.

    Take care,

  3. Both - I like to keep trying new things, but if a class is available in something that I am interested in (and feasible financially and travel wise) then I will try and take it. However, I think I get more satisfaction from teaching myself - I include learning from books as "teaching myself" too.

  4. I can't do the whole class thing. One on One would be alright if I had the moola to afford it, but learning in groups doesn't happen for me >.< .. so youtube vids and just plain experimenting it is :D

    You end up with more 'what the hell did I do wrong' moments and more projects getting ripped back and started over, but I think the successes are far more sweeter for it :)

  5. Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you are having such a rough time. Sending an enormous hug and hoping it ends soon.