Friday, September 9, 2011


With this week being a blur of sickness in our home, it has thrown me WAY off schedule. I have a Bead Soup Blog Party next Saturday, and my biggest show of the year as well (Doylestown Arts Festival)! I stayed up all night in a panic making beads and wings to have ready for next weekend, in case anyone would like to purchase some like I sent my partner.

And as I sat making beads, which usually relaxes me, I kept thinking of all the things I had to get done before next weekend, and it began to get VERY overwhelming. I looked at my list, and my calendar, and then I saw it………………………….Sunday is the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Wow. It was a day that impacted so many, so deeply, forever. I remember where I was; I was training my replacement for maternity leave with my first child, and I remember the moment it happened.


And then I came online to upload some photos, and saw more and more about the flooding going on in the east right now, so many losing all they have to floods. History, memories, homes, all being washed away.


So I can now go on with my week, with my perspective corrected. One thing at a time. Be thankful. Pray for others. Stressing over deadlines is not important, it will get done, just focus.

I am sad it sometimes takes big things to pull me out of my little world here in Pennsburg, my world of kids, and laundry, and beads……..but I am glad it did.

So now that things are in perspective, I can move on with my projects, all the while being more inspired to love this week, to cry with those who are mourning, to be encouraging to those who need a kind word, and just go on. In perspective.

I think for us creative folk, our emotion is so tied to our creativeness, that we can tend to forget to center ourselves…..I mean, no one wants stress beads or jewelry!

So, here is what I got done yesterday into late last night……..600 grams of bronze clay, made into beads, sanded, holes drilled, ready to fire! Bring it on! I am ready now!

Do you find that your emotional state affects your creativity?

(ps- I don't normally do the same post for this blog and LMAJ, but this time I did....sorry all!)

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  1. I think a certain emotional state can't help but affect creativity, although there are artists out there whom thrive and are inspired by their dark emotions. I am, however more creative when i'm fueled by good food, loving emotions, and a strong mind