Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party~ What I Sent

My Bead Soup partner (tracy stillman) from Australia, got my beads a week or so ago, but I haven't had a chance to blog as much as I'd like.  So here are some pic's of what I sent.  I just tried to send a little of what I love, and it was fun to find out she did the same for me.  Its like getting to know someone through beads!!!!

I dug into my personal stash of butterfly wings, since I can't seem to keep them stocked in the shop (but will be stocking them this month!!!  I promise!)  These were favorites of mine, that I used mica powder on to add shimmer!  I made a swirl and hook clasp for her too. 

The rest, well, I went a little nuts.  I had lots of beads in colors to match, and just wanted to bless her with them.  My partner last year sent me TONS of soup!  I mean TONS!  So this year, I figured I would bless whomever my partner was, with lots of soup.  I threw in some drilled sea glass, little heart charms I made, pearls, crackle quartz in blue, turquoise, amazonite nuggets (love them), copper coated ceramic beads from Mykonos and lots of other little things I don't design without.  I hope they are Tracy's colors! 
I can't wait for the party.  My soup from Tracy is on my table, and every day I look at it, wondering what it will end up like.  I have some sketches, and ideas, but I am not ready to dig in just yet.

A BIG thanks to Lori for organizing this bead soup blog party.  With so many people this time, its been a ton of extra work for her.

Thanks Lori!


  1. Wow.. I think that may be the yummiest soup I've ever seen! I'll bet she's going to have some big fun with those :)

  2. LOVE it all! Those butterfly wings are truly amazing.

  3. I absolutely love the soup you've sent me Staci, and so appreciate how much care and thought went into selecting the beads and packaging them. I'm feeling very blessed to have been partnered with you! I really hope I do everything justice in my design. xx