Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leather Cuffs & the Inspiration

I must say- I had WAY too much fun sewing these last night.  Now to assemble them, rivet, rivet, rivet!!!!!

I was inspired by a short tutorial on the Studio Waterstone Blog I like to read (I love fabric and purses and clothes as much as jewelry, her blog is a good one to read!!!).  It was a simple cuff with a button clasp and wavy lines sewn on it.  I had to try it and eneded up making my own style! 

I think thats what it is all about, when you like something someone does....even if its a tutorial, you don't have permission to make them to sell.  So make it your own.  I think once you develop your own style, this comes more naturally.....just be careful.  Not only is it illegal to steal someones design, its disrespectful, and hurts you in the end too.  Because your work will shine when its a reflection of YOU!  And if you are just copying, there will be nothing real special about your designs.

Here are a couple older cuffs that is completely done.

OK!  Enough said.  Gotta keep working!

So get inspired today, and make it your own!!!!


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  1. Staci, these are just amazing! So glad that you were inspired by my tutorial. And you're exactly right - taking something basic and then making it your own is not only so much better, but it also is the right way to go about creating. Right on, girl!