Friday, September 16, 2011

Cool Things Going On

Firstly- if you sell handmade beads and components, and want to join Love My Art Jewelry in a group sale, click here!!!!  Its a great way to get some visibility to your shop.

Second, OH MY WORD, I soooo love how my leather cuffs turned out!  They took a lot longer then I thought to rivet and assemble, but oh so worth it.  Make sure to stop by the Doylestown Arts Festival if you are in the's the best show in Bucks County (if you ask me).  They hand select super artists, the talent there always humbles me. 

Third, Soup is On tomorrow!  Bead Soup that is.  Stop by for the big reveal.....its a really fun way to look at eye candy all day (or week, as this one may go with over 300 participants).  Always a good time.  Use coupon code: beadsouprocks to recieve free shipping in Artisan Accents by STaci Louise, good until sept 25th, US residents only.  (if you are interantional, I will send an extra goodie ILO the free shipping)  Butterfly Wings are in the shop.
 Take that last bit of summer into fall with you.

Ok- gotta get busy.  See you all tomorrow.

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  1. It looks like you've been really busy - those cuffs look gorgeous and you know I'm already in love with the butterfly wings. x