Friday, September 30, 2011

Artisan Clay Team Reveal Day

Last Friday of the month is Artisan Clay reveal day!  This month we got to pick from some buttons Kristie was a hard choice, but I picked the blue one that is off center looking (in the second picture), because I just crave that natural rough look in my jewelry.
Here are some of the pictures she put up for us to choose from!

See what I mean, a hard choice???  I was planning to do something different, and make a little leather handbag, with this as a button.  However, with all my sea glass out on the table, it just cried to be paired up with some of the blues in a necklace.  I guess I am hopelessly addicted to making necklaces!

Sweet and to the point, the button just had to be the shining star of this show!  I hope Kristie makes more of these squishy circle shapes with the glass in them.  I like it, very much!!!!

Thanks Kristie!!!  I really enjoyed this months challenge!


  1. Perfect combination! It's like a deep sea whirlpool! Wonderful piece!

  2. Those buttons are gorgeous!! I also really like the necklace you created-fun and modern, right up my alley!

  3. Oh I love it! I love how you kept with the all blue (something I have been doing in my own work) and as always I love your wire wrapping. Such a great necklace Staci!
    Shannon C

  4. You have such an unmistakeable style, Miss Staci! I love the brilliant blues.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. your glass beads compliment the button perfectly, I like the silk that you added, it adds some softness to your design.

  6. I could get lost in those gorgeous blues! You did a beautiful job with this, once again. ;)

  7. Love the necklace, what a fantastic piece!