Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lorelei's Shadow Box Challenge Blog Hop Reveal Day

Well, thats a mouthfull!  Lorelei had a great giveaway awhile ago, and picked 23 lucky people to create something with a C-koop Shadow box that she sent us.  Then, we'd have a blog hop to see what everyone made.  Today is that day!  Aren't those boxes just great?  Her enamel work, though the colors are bright, is very organic, and I just love it.

I got a little orance square box with one hole at the top.  Now, I don't do much pendant style stuff, and I was really hoping to NOT get brain just doesn't design in bright colors.  But the box and the enamel is so awesome, that I fell in love with my little box anyway.  Turns out, I can do bright, and still keep it rustic too.  I think that is what I am so drawn to in these sort of challenges, is that, it makes me go outside of my comfort zone, and problem solve.  I get to take something that baffles me, and figure out how to make it mine.

This is what I figured...............
 I played with beads for a month, at one time, this necklace was so chunky and gigantic, it was just crazy!  Its funny it ended up be so simple!  I used some of my new Loopty Loops in a verdigris patina as the center.  In the box, it had to be something round, to make that box less sharp, so a turquoise donut with some brownish / orange coloring went into it.  Then I found that GREAT orange crackle agate bead from my bead soup mix LAST time around.  I just loved it, and when I got it, I was afraid I'd never get to use it because its so bright for me.  YAY!  It found a home!

It hangs nice, it jingles when I move around...............I just love it. 
Now hop on over to the other blogs to see what they made with them.  I know I am, just as soon as I have some coffee!

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So have fun- and make sure to say hi to them if you visit!  AND if you are anywhere in the path of Hurricane Irene- be safe, heed warnings, and snuggle in!


  1. HI Staci!! I am so glad you embraced the orange color because you did a wonderful job- I love the mix of orange and teal- that is so pretty! You worked it! It's so modern and hip- I bet you'll get lots of compliments when you wear it. Thank you so much for playing along with us! Feel free to add your pics to the Flickr group I created for the participants:

  2. That is cool, stylish and hip!

  3. Staci I love how you included so many great textures and colors. What a great piece!

  4. Your design is so fun and the orange was destined for you! Great work!

  5. thanks guys! Everyone's is so different, I love this hop!
    Alice- texture and variety is my game;-)

  6. I am always inspired by how easily you make asymmetrical pieces. Beautiful.

  7. LOVE the color combo, great job!

  8. Thanks Shan. Unfortunately- I find it easy to do asymmetrical because its how my brain works. Its wonky.

  9. I love it too! The orange and blue is a great color combination.

  10. Besides the great combination of color, I really like how the curves just keep my eye going from element to element in this necklace. It is nothing like what I make, and that is what I love about it. Just a beautiful design!

  11. REALLY like those colors together!!!!!!

  12. I for one - really like your composition. The geometric shapes have a nice repetition/flow. You seem to have found the perfect orange solution. I agree - the challenge of stepping out of ones chosen space is a great creative spark. I love a design challenge!

  13. that is really gorgeous! I love the colors and the different shapes and textures...really cool.

  14. You made an excellent creation with that bright orange! I love how you incorporated the crab fire agate bead along with it and the orange and teal are just gorgeous. Very well done!!

  15. I love orange and turquoise together - they way you pulled it together is just awesome!

  16. very nice! I love seeing what everyone came up with.

  17. I really love this - and I usually don't like orange! I love the mix of colours, and the way that although everything is different it all works wonderfully together.

  18. I like the sculptural components in this necklace. Very fun to wear. (Don't ever be afraid to go big!)

  19. I totally agree on how challenges get you out of your comfort zone in the best way. (thus the name 'challenge' i guess, hu?) this is so so gorgeous!!! turquoise w/orange, circles w/squares. perfectly off-balance. simple but like another comment said, the lines totally keep your eye swirling all over it. really hit the nail on the head w/this one.

  20. I love it! It's something I would def. wear. Very cool!

  21. Lovely. Very elegant! Love how chic this piece is. You've done a great job! Love the greens and oranges together!

  22. I find your design very exciting. Squares and circles. Orange and turqoise. You have managed to combine it all into a very interesting and pretty necklace. I really like it! Funny also that it was overcrowded at one point, know the feeling totally. :-)

    So, "Loopty Loops", are they something you make yourself, or ...?

  23. I love the color combo! A very cool, wearable design! Great job!!

  24. Orange is a hard color to work with. But you made it work. I love how all the different shapes put the necklace together.

  25. You paired the perfect combination of beads and colors with the orange box! I'm curious about the loopty loops as how you used them!

  26. These colors are great! Don't ya just love it when you get something new that goes perfectly with that bead that's been hanging around without a home? Great combo. Love the stick pearl and also the clasp on the side.