Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshine, Shows and Other Stuff, like "Mudrs" Day

First of all, how about this wonderful Spring weather????  I don't know about where all you guys live, but here in Eastern PA, its been great!  In past years it has gone from winter to hot summer with very little Spring weather (to me, spring weather is the mid 70's with sun and occasionally rainy).  This year it is dead on and I am loving it.  Here is a photo a good friend of mine took this spring, it makes me happy to look at it, and I plan to make a bracelet inspired by it.
Photo by Chris Hill, of This is Bucks County.
Speaking of Chris, he stopped by the show this weekend in Bethlehem PA.  It was a wonderful show, with great people and a great location.  How could you not like being set up here?
Shady spot, slate sidewalk, with two lovely flower pots on either side of my tent.....I LOVED my spot.  Plus, I was smack dab in the middle of the show, which is always a good location, in my opinion. The people at the show were great, I met lots of other artists and just loved chatting and sharing ideas, methods and favorite tools with each other.  I met tons of wonderful people, who really enjoy art as much as I do, and so I talked and talked and talked.  I talked so much, I am losing my voice...but thats ok, it was worth it!
It has been a big relief to see that my copper and bronze work is being well received.  I wasn't sure how it would go, being mostly into silver, but thankfully, its going great.  I have come to love the look of the metals, so earthy and organic feeling, and I can still create AFFORDABLE one of a kind creations.

My elclectic bracelets were a hit!  I made them ALL weekend long.  Here's a couple shots of what I opened with..............

By the end of the show, only two leather cuffs remained.

And here is a shot of some of the replacement bracelets I made, but I didn't get pics of all of them, and by the end of the show, I could have combined them into one display.  I was dreaming of making bracelets over the weekend, since that seemed to be all I did.  I made bracelets and talked.

I will be listing some new components in the Artisan Accents shop soon, as well as some bracelets and earrings into my Staci Louise shop.  I plan to make more of these butterfly hearts for bracelets, because they were so popular, and I'd like to share the components with you. 

I will blog with a list date and giveaway this week, so stay tuned!

Here are some in the process of patina'ing.  I slightly curved them to fit just right on your wrist.......

Whew! I am trying to plan a fun day with the kids this week.  I miss them so much after a busy time like this.

And speaking of those little wonders, I hope all you moms had a wonderful Mothers Day!  My kids just amazed me with their sweetness.  On Saturday, when I got home from the show, my Mom and her Dad (my Poppop) had taken the kids flower shopping and they planted my flower pots for me. 

Plus- the flowers they plant at school for mom (which my daughter over-watered in the day and a half she was hiding it from me, and it died....she was sooo sad!!!)  so they got new ones for that too!
And my hubby surprised me with a new tank and tree frogs last weekend when he had the kids while I worked that show........
And last but not least, they gave me poems and pictures, and my 4 year old gave me $1 from his bank. I cried. Isn't that so sweet????

look how Julia spelled "mothers"  mudrs- hows that for phonics?

Gosh I love them!  I hope you all were blessed by your loved ones!  All the mama's out there deserve their special day!


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