Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some of my Favorite Things for Thursday

I have been loving the new circle on etsy.  I love how it shows everyone who likes your items (allowing you to make more of what people like), but mostly, I love that it shows all your circle buddies favorite items.  OH MAN!!!!  My circle has some great taste.  Here are some of my favorites..........

 I just LOVE this moth!  I want it in my house!

 Super cool ring.
Someday (hopefully sooner then later) this will hang in my studio!

 Someday I will have hair like this...although maybe purple ILO red.

 Grow a little forest on your desk.  Love it.  And its in a recycled wine bottle.
 I am so tired of wire snips in my coffee.  How perfect is this mug?  The lid to keep it hot and keep wire snips OUT!  I also love the organic feel it has.
 I don't have much wall space in my studio- due to most of it being shelves and storage and windows...but I think I could squeeze this in too!

Ok- the last three pics are wine racks my brother makes from old, recycled, antique everythings!  I can't link to his site right nowbecause its under construction, but its called Scavenger Designs.  I LOVED the first one below, but its sold.  It was some sort of gear from Bethlehem Steel (I think).  I would have just kept it as a sculpture.  He has such an amazing eye for taking something old and broken, and making it beautiful and useful.  I just love him and his amazing talent!
This year we will both be at the Bethelhem Fine Arts Festival mothers day weekend.  I am really excited to be doing a show with him.  Should be a lot of fun.

Ok- so thats it.  A bunch of my favorite things to break up this busy week. 

Hope you like them as much as I do.  Remember to support handmade!!!!


  1. Your brother's pieces are wonderful!!!!

  2. Courtney- he is AMAZING! I am not just saying that 'cause he's my bro either. He just has that eye for composition. He takes antiques and makes them into shelves, and headboards for beds, and coat racks, ect.....but his wine racks are what he is selling. As soon as his site is up I will post it on here!

  3. I found some new favorite items too, thanks for doing the digging. Your jewelry is great!