Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have NO Fear

Have no fear, have no fear...that is what I keep telling myself this week.  I am submitting to two magazines, both deadlines are friday.  Bead Unique and Belle Armoire.  I am pretty nervous, but I really want to get my bead making business off the ground, AND, lets face it, who doesn't want to see their stuff in a magazine?  So, the only way to get there is to try.  I will let you know how it goes.

You can google the beading magazines and go to their submission guidelines (anyone can submit, that means YOU TOO) tells you what they are looking for and the when the deadlines are.  Right now deadlines are coming up for fall and winter magazines.  Some of them are kinda vauge...but I will try.

So.....this is my motto this week!

It says, "Do one thing every day that scares you" ~ elenor roosevelt

Another scary prospect is that I am also agonizing on whether or not to apply for the Lewes Deleware Sea Glass Festival.  Not only is it pricey to apply to, but I would have to stay at a hotel, and thats a lot of $$$.  I heard it is a good show maybe I will.  ???????
*sigh*  I am not good at making decisions.

How about you?  Are you a fearless go getter, or do you tend to keep things nice and easy? 


  1. I need to do this - submit pieces. But the being scared and doubt always stop me. You go!

  2. You go girl! Do it up! You can do it! And you're awesome! :-)

    I used to be scared and now I kind-of just charge on and figure it out as I go ;-) and I never do things nice and easy-- where's the fun in that? lol!
    Go Girl!!!

  3. Staci, When $ is an issue(and when isn't it?), why not consider sharing the setup fee and hotel cost with another artist?