Sunday, November 21, 2010

My daughter is designing my jewelry................

and she is 6 years old! I just love that my daughter Julia loves to draw, and she is pretty talented as well. She draws all the time, and what is really sweet, is she will draw pictures for everyone, depending on what their interests are. She draws deer for Daddy, and star wars for her brothers, and for me, she draws jewelry. So, she drew me this the other week, and like a good mom I hung it up.

I couldn't stop looking at it. I loved how she divided the heart in two. It was so simple, yet pretty, and it was a design concept I knew I just had to try. So I decided I had to make a divided heart. Of course, I didn't go simple, and I ended up "Mending" the hearts too. So- my new line of hearts are called "Mended". And they are a shout out to all of us who have suffered heart break, and had to move on, had to get "mended" with love and time, and came through our trial stronger, and new.

Here is a pic of mine...........
It was fun to use Julia's drawing for my design, and she was pretty excited about it too.  Perhaps someday we will design together. 

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