Thursday, March 25, 2010

What haven't I been up to?

I have been working like a mad woman lately.  I finally took the leap into metalsmithing.  I have always had a vision for bezeling sea glass...with my own twist, of course.  So I am sawing and filing and torching, and burning fingers and sanding off knuckles..but it is all good.  Then, because I don't want to get bored ya know, I am working on a website, other than etsy, so that I can have a place that will tell people about the process of making my jewelry.  It will also offer a wider variety of pictures of my work than my actual etsy site.  In my spare time, I am also helping to organize the second annual sea glass festival on LBI NJ this october.  So the wheels are turning and notes are being made for that as well.  Then there is the normal, making new designs for my spring shows (more designs in my head then I have time to make), raising, playing with and loving three kids, being secretary for JCS Construction, my husbands company, as well as his wife and helper.  No wonder I have been feeling exhausted. 
Anyway, heres a pic of one of my bezels.  I have always imagined sea glass surrounded by barnacles.  The barnacles are hand made by me using PMC. 

Focus.  Breathe, just breathe.  And smile.  Though its crazy, life is good.


  1. Your Bezel looks great. Good luck on your new can be quite an undertaking.
    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon