Friday, June 19, 2009

Salt Air, Cool Breeze and Sea Glass

So I finially made it to the shore! Went to LBI NJ last sunday for a day trip with my mom...just us girls. It was so nice to get away, and I could hardly wait to hit my favorite sea glass spot on the island. If you don't already know- the shore at Barnegat Light has never let me down for sea glass. Now, it is not easy hunting, and if you are not prepared, you may not last too long. If you go to Barnagat, and hike the walkway along the water, when it comes to an end, climb down onto the rock jetty and take it all the way out to where the bay meets the sea. Along the way there are lots of little tide pools where we often find crabs, and sometime starfish as well. The tide pools are always warm and clear, and my kids love to wade in them on the long walk out. Once you arrive at the beach, you will note the odd wave patterns at the jetty. This is where TONS of shells and debris (sea glass) gather. In order to find a lot of glass, you need to wade out into the water, about knee deep, where the waves are constantly moving the debris around. The "prepared" part of this trip would be shoes of some sort, or your feet will not last long among the sharp shells and such. Then you watch and wait. When you see a glimmer, grab fast before the next wave comes. I found 11 pieces there on sunday. Lots of cool shells too. My mom found one old and thick piece of white sea pottery! Very nice find for a "resort" island, where most of the glass is clear, green and brown (which is what I found). I did find one aqua bottle neck that was broken in half,but still very nice. All in all, it was just what I needed. I love the shore, and the hunt. It is fun to find these little treasures amongst the surf, shells and other things that roll up with the waves. So if you get to LBI NJ- check it out. Find a couple of pieces to remember you day there. Don't forget to look for dolphins, who are frequently seen out there too.

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