Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bead Soup Has ARrived

My bead soup arrived last week, but I have been so busy....I am just getting a chance to blog about it now.

My partner Stephanie Haussler sent me an awesome mix of some pretty spring colors.

 Her and her husband are a team, he makes glass beads, and she makes and sells jewelry.  You can check out their etsy shop here.

This is the pretty box I got 

and this is what was waiting inside

I love that she sent lots of ribbon- I love fabric.

The focal is by her husband.  I like the black ends against the pastel green- very nice!  However, this shape is hard for me, so time to get my thinking cap on and branch out from my comfort zone (but that is what this is all about- right?)  She even sent me some Wooly Wire (which is funny because I sent her some too!)

I also got lots of accent beads in shades of purple, which I LOVE.  Though I am not sure I will do a purple and green color palate on this just yet.

I got a little bag of more lampwork by her husband

What a great soup!  I can't wait to start playing.

I sent Stephanie two soups.  The first one is something that I personally would love to design with.  Its a little on the colorless rustic side.  It's not everyone's style for sure.  The polymer donut and charm and bronze beads are by me.  The clasp is by Genea Beads.

So just in case she hated it, I sent a second one with a little more color, and I included some beads from friends whose work I adore.

This one has a ceramic donut by Marsha Neal Studios, a polymer donut by me, sea glass (which I love), a starfish headpin by Genea Beads, and Wooly Wire by my friend Nellie!


My friend Heather Marston contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if my daughter Julia would like to trade soups with her daughter Sarah.  Of course, she jumped on it.  So I will also be showing off her soup and her creation.  This is what Julia received from Sarah. (sarah even made the enameled beads herself!!!)

Julia just squealed!  She is kinda new to jewelry making- just finding a love for it this past she is not sure what to do with it yet.  I am sure she will rock it though !!!!

This is what Julia sent to Sarah

two of her polymer "candy hearts", some wing dings from Genea Beads, and some My Elements from Yvonne (her new favorite shop!)


  1. Love the idea of having your daughters exchange! The lampwork focal you received is fabulous, I look forward to what you come up with for the reveal. I also really like both of the soups you sent to your partner. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  2. What a great idea to involve the young ones! My daughter had the beading bug when she was like 9 but it has since faded (insert sad face here). I love the soup you got and the ones you gave! I love a good green and purple palette! I always, always wanted my room to bloom in those lilac tones! I just got the mother lode of soup from Germany and will share as soon as I can! Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. I thank Heather for thinking of exchanging with the kids! Julia loves beads, and only got into making jewelry a few weeks ago really. we will see if it holds up. I think she just likes to collect beads mostly! she will probably enjoy it more when she is older and wears it more- she is so tom boy right now, no room for fancy things :)

  3. Great soup! Love the purple green combo.
    Sarah has been messing around with the soup Julia sent. Hasn't made anything yet....just laying it out and adding to it from her stash.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun jewelry making is starting soon with these great soups! Can't wait to see what transpires. I love that your daughter is doing it as well :)

  5. Wonderful soup you both sent each other! Love the rustic color one you sent! I also love the idea of the soup swaps between your daughter and another friends daughter! I can't wait to see what you both create!

  6. Wonderful soups! and fun kid soups! Can't wait to see all the reveals!

  7. Thanks Staci! I am going to borrow your photos as mine didn't turn out as well due to the lighting and weather! I love the soup you sent me and am thrilled you love what we created for you! How cool that the girls are getting into the fun too, and what is NOT to love about Yvonne's shop! It is one of my favorites too!

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