Monday, March 24, 2014

Asymmetry Blog Hop LMAJ

Today, and throughout this week, is the bi-monthly blog hop for Love my Art Jewelry.

I have only had time to make one new thing, but I have a couple other fairly recent designs that I can share as well.

For me, most pieces I make are asymmetrical.  I like the drama it creates in a piece.  I like that slight chaos it implies, and then, it balances out in some sort of way anyhow.
It's a challenge, its fun, and it allow me to use a greater variety of beads in one piece then if I matched them up.  I don't know about you, but to me, having more beads is a good thing !!
I can't be sure, but this may have been how I got started pushing the asymmetrical designs.  I am known to often lay out twice the amount of beads then I can fit in a piece.  Yet every time I hope I can somehow fit them in.  In order to use the variety I had hoped to use in a piece, and keep it on the shorter side, I had to make some asymmetrical designs.  Now, like I said, I can't be sure, but I think that played a part in it.  

So here are my pieces.

This first one is a longer piece, which is typically harder for me. 

 This one features my scrimshaw beadm ammonite, bronze pieces, a marsha neal studio drop at the bottom and a Suburban Girl studio donut

 Rustic Pink focal and rusty stone bead by me, donut by marsha neal studio

This is my newest one- made with some new beads I had made for another project (that didn't fit into

I hope you like them.  I know, I won't be going back to symmetrical anytime soon ;)

Please go on over to LMAJ and see what others have made as well!

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