Jewelry Gallery

Continually inspired by nature, stones, sea glass, drift wood and all things green and natural, my designs reflect nature and man, together.  The soft organic shaps of nature against manmade patterns and metal, create pieces that capture the beauty and contrast of the world.

You will find everything from wire work in sterling silver or copper, to bezels filled with sea glass, pottery or art beads, from metal clay components made from molds directly from nature, and even some fiber in these pieces.  You will most likely find my pieces to be more like mini collections of items, found, and joined together, making them eclectic.  I use handmade components either made by myself or other artists in my work, to keep it original, and to support handmade and small business.   I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


  1. A breathtaking collection, Staci!

  2. I echo LInda...I LOVE your work! thank you for sharing your talents!

  3. Unbelievably beautiful, there is something so sincere, crude, unmanly about your work, I almost have tears in my eyes! Touching

    1. oh my goodness, thank you so much. I pour myself into each piece!