Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bead Dreams Peoples Choice Awards

It is that time of year again.  I am honored to have TWO pieces accepted into the Polymer Clay category of Bead Dreams.  We find out next friday (the 10th) who takes ribbons in each category.  

Here are the pieces I have in the competition

 Sunset Gold Rush


Zen Cairn

However, there is another way to win, and that is the Peoples Choice award.  You get to vote for your favorite!

So you can win first second or third place in your category, and then ONE person also wins the Peoples Choice award.  

If you would like to vote for Sunset Gold Rush

And if you would like to vote for Zen Cairn

Thanks to everyone who is always so supportive of me and my art!  You guys rock.  I am really honored to be part of this competition for a third year in a row!

Also, if you will be at Bead and Button in person, please snap a picture for me of the pieces in the case!  I would be forever grateful!  

And if you would like to buy some of my beads while you are there, the lovely Nikki Thornburg of Thornburg Bead Studio and Marsha Neal will have some of my beads at their booth #608!!!!

(Nikki's practice set up)

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