Thursday, December 13, 2018

Grief, Honoring those we lost and Some Love to you all

So, I rarely use this blog anymore, but there are a couple things I wanted to share / do.  So much has happend for me the past couple years and my life is not the same as it was before.

I am still creating, and passionate about it.  It is still my full time job.  My kids have grown huge and my heart can barely take the amazing humans they are becoming.  This has not been without its challenges, but honestly, we blessed every single day.

This year in February, we lost my dad.  Although we knew this day was coming (he had liver disease from drinking), it none the less, is still hard to process when it happens.  Something that has helped me to cope is the new spiritual path I have been on, and the healing it has offered to me.  If you would like to read more on that, I have a Facebook page here for it and you can check out my blog that is on my website also.  I am keeping it sort of separate from my beads and jewelry, but not really because it is all coming together in ways I never though possible.  anyhow.............

I felt really led to post a video today on grief.  I know there are a lot of people out there hurting and missing people so deeply that they feel they cannot go on.  I shared some of my thoughts on grief, and I am offering to do a free Mediumship reading a day until Christmas, if I can.  I love that I have the ability to connect people with those they miss and want to help ease some hearts if possible this holiday season.  I cannot promise who I get, or how in depth the reading is.  I am still learning.  However, I don't mind trying for you.  The video is here if you want to watch it.

In my short time of doing readings for people, I have felt how stuck some can become.  They simply cannot get past the loss.  It's as if they feel getting past it, or moving forward, will somehow dishonor or mean they forget their loved one.  But that is so far from the truth.  They want us to live!  That is how we honor them.  To move on.  And move on doesn't mean you aren't still grieving.  You will also mourn them.  But, it mean, you honor them by doing the things they would want you to do.  You honor them by sharing the way they loved with others.  You honor them by sharing their stories and laughing while you remember them.

In honor of grief, (and because I want to preserve these videos, and the only way for me to get them off of my fathers churches Facebook was to embedd them here), please enjoy my father doing what he loved.  Singing and playing guitar.  He was a beautiful soul who loved big and always had a corny joke.

I am so thankful I have these, and wanted to preserve them in more then one place.  And since I cannot seem to download them from facebook, this was the next best way.  Anyhow, enjoy.  This voice always sang me that Ant Rubber tree plant song when I was sad when I was little (and maybe even as a teen!).  I know he is still around me, and I am blessed to be able to experience that now and again.  I get his signs, and I hear his corny catch phrases at just the right moment. 

So remember that you are not alone.  We all grieve those we love- almost always silently.  But never alone.  Sending love to all who need it this Holiday. Please message me on my Facebook page is you could really use a reading.  I will give it my best to bring you healing.  I will do as many as I can- though I may not get to everyone.  But I will try.  Love to you all.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Long Time no Beads

by Staci Louise Smith

I know this blog has been vacant for sometime now.  Life gets in the way like that at times.  However, it has been calling me back. I miss blogging about my creative life.  I miss that interaction with everyone, because you know what?  We inspire each other!  

I am prepping for Bead Fest Philly again, and have been hitting the polymer clay after a bit of a hiatus.  I am both intimidated and excited.  This year I have some new work that mixes polymer clay with two part epoxy resin and crystals- I must say, I am loving these so much!  

Dragon Eye bead / polymer clay, epoxy resin, crystals, paint, other mixed media stuff

Due to life's complexities, I know I am not going to have the amount of beads I like to at Bead Fest this year.  I do know I will have enough.  I used to freak out and work 16 hours days prepping for this show making everything I know how to.  This year, I am focusing on making what my heart is telling me to, rather than what I think others would want to buy.  I am listening to my intuition.  I will have a table full of unique items for sale in addition to my beads, like I have in the past.  I will have my jewelry, ceramic offering bowls and other things.   

You can find all that event info here on my Facebook page.  Please follow it if you have not in the past.  It is the best place to keep up with where I will be and what is going on in my creative world.

I also recently finished converting y Gold Rush class I did for Craft Art EDU into a PDF file you can purchase in my shop.  I was so very sad to see Craft Art EDU disband, but I am thankful they gave us our classes.  The tutorial is an entire class in one!  You learn to form the polymer clay beads, do the faux gold, cure and paint them with a crackle to make them look like stone, and then it even gives complete instructions to make two different necklaces.  You can purchase that here if you are interested in learning some techniques.  The best part is that this class is so full of different techniques and tips, you can use them many different ways.  I really believe this class can take you on a creative journey to new places! 

Well guys, it feels good to be back!  I am hoping to also do some posts to highlight some of the wonderful tutorials we have on this blog.  Click the tutorial link above to see a list of all the wonderful tips and designs posted by various artists over the years.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summertime and New Beginings

This past year has been a time for me of reflection.  It has been a time to step back and see where I am going.

I have been working on me.  Who am I?  What makes me burn?  What am I terrified of?  Where am I going?  How will I get there?

Here is what I know so far.  So far, I have learned that I am going go where it is my heart decides I will go.
If I doubt and don't set clear goals, I will just stay right here.

So, I am getting to know my bad ass self and learning that I actually can do whatever it is I want to.  why have I doubted this?  why do I doubt this still? 

Goal #1- feel like the bad ass creative storm that I am ALL of the days, and not just some.

Goal #2- figure out where business and production meets creative freedom and spontaneity and find some balance between them.  I need to be more structured because I am all over the place, but can't imagine creating any other way.  I will figure it out.  

Goal #3- take care of me.  I have really let myself get sick and tired.  I have wrapped myself in pounds of emotion and doubt.  I have filled my blahs with sugar, and sat and sat and sat.  So I am starting small, and not letting myself get disappointed if I can't do what I "think" I should be able to.  Watching the sugar intake, watching the junk, and walking.  After 3 weeks I already feel worlds stronger.  

me and my walking buddy post walk

Goal #4- be more compassionate.  be less judgmental.  Basically, learn to love people.  all people.

Goal #5- let myself be loved.

Goal #6- tune into and listen to my intuition

Yeah, that's!  

It is a process, but I am doing it.  Taking each day to learn something.

so if you wondered why I haven't been working full steam ahead, or been posting much, that is why.  

But I am here, still sketching ideas and working on things here and there.  

Stay tuned for more posts.  I really feel drawn to write more.  Most of all, thank you for following on this journey.  I know many of you have been here, reading since day one, when I went online with my jewelry.  I have gone through so many changes, and I know there will be many more to come.  I love knowing that there is such an amazing creative community out there.  I love being a part of it.

Now, onto some other items on the checklist..........and maybe to catch some fire flies.
Summer Solstice Alter by me

many blessings,

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Updates

I have REALLY slowed things down this year.  I have gone full force the past few years with the business, and have really been feeling a pull to prioritize other area's of my life.

It has been a wonderful and much needed pace.

One of the things I have been doing, is just plain old spending more time with the kids.  They are all at ages, where they really need that.  I have a teen, a pre-teen and  10 year old.  I know that years fly by, and I want to make sure I don't miss a thing, because I know I am going to blink, and they will be out on their own and I am going to miss them terribly.

I did do a show last weekend at North Penn, and it was nice because I did a test run of my new and improved display.  I am trying to get into the high end art shows.  My work is so contemporary, I am not finding the juried shows I currently do, have enough of my clientele that attend.  I was quite happy with it.  I am not sure it will work for outdoor shows, but still, I like it a lot for the indoor ones.  I made the tables and wall hangings myself.  The tables also fold up for easier transport.

I have always liked my display, but I think the changes allow the jewelry to shine, and also create more space in the booth for customers to move around.  By hanging more on the walls, the jewelry can be seen from a distance.  
In trying to keep the displays consistent with my style, I used polymer clay spirals to hang the necklaces on.  They also have embedded wire spirals to make sure the necklaces don't slip off. 

The hanging displays came together much better than I had even imagined.  

Now, I don't have many other shows this year.  My next is Bead Fest in August.  So I am having a destash sale to make room for new jewelry.  I have some that I would like to move, and will be steeply discounted.  Even though I have no more jewelry shows until fall, I cannot seem to stop making jewelry.  So I need to clear some out.  I have lots of great pieces.  If you are interested, I will be listing them this week on my Facebook Destash page.  (it is a private group, just ask to join and I will approve you and read the rules and FAQ so you know how it works when I list)  
I will also have some beads and maybe even some bead groups, or sets of findings and other things.  Time to clean out the studio! 
(sneak peek below!)

I will hopefully have some new beads in the next week or two as well.  My youngest son wanted to make some polymer clay creations for a sale at school, so we worked together in the studio, and I plan to make some more beads and do a couple of toaster oven firings.  So, stay tuned for that as well.

To stay the most up to date on listings and what is going on with me, follow me on facebook here.

I also got to spend some time bonding with my eldest.  He is 15 now, and it is harder and harder to find things we both enjoy.  So, he needed sneakers and I took the opportunity to stop by Tobin Studio- not only do you get to walk around these amazing sculptures, but they are also Poke stops for Pokemon Go!  Win win!

I also had the chance to spend some early morning time hanging with Julia this weekend.  My heart is full.  Love these kids, and so glad to be taking more time with them.  I don't want to miss a thing!

So, I have no idea what day the destash sale will be.  But there will most likely be a couple this week.  Check facebook for details.

 Stay tuned for new jewelry to hit the website, and new beads in a couple weeks.  I am also finishing up a new polymer class for Craft art Edu.  Exciting things coming up!

Happy Spring!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Been busy but not productive.......and that's OK

I made a big decision this year, to limit my shows.  I finally made a jump and applied to some "big time" shows.  I figured if I didn't get in, I would just take some time off and work on my product and my display (need a more modern clean cut booth for these shows) and catch up on things that have been neglected around the house and studio.

So, I didn't get into the spring shows, I got wait listed.  I am doing ONE spring show, the North Penn Select Craft Show, and other than that, I am keeping my schedule open.

I don't even think I am entering Bead Dreams this year, unless I get some crazy brainstorm, I may even take the year off from that competition.

There is not a Spring Bead Fest here to teach at either.

So what I am doing?

I have been feverishly working on new booth ideas.  They must be fairly easy to set up, durable and easy to transport.  Oh yeah, they have to fit in my car too.

I have been sketching booths and pricing options and tinkering with table ideas.  I wanted a narrower table, and I am looking to use wall space to hang jewelry more. 

Thin wood boards to hang vs. cork boards.....still figuring it out

 I may invest in Pro Panels if they will fit in my vehicle.  Anyhow, Here is a table I made, that I am really liking.  The "legs" are two boards with hinges that fold flat.  The top board has small pieces of wood attached to the bottom that the "legs" go into to.  I really like it, but fear its wind resistance.  If I use propanels though, that will help.  

So, this would still get some black stamps (that I carve) on it and they will get sealed, maybe more distressed.  there are still pieces not stained on them as well.  but you get the idea.

It is such a work in progress.  I have idea' stay tuned.  It will probably slowly come together as this year goes on.

I have also been spending time with the family as much as possible.  Been doing a lot of chilling and watching movies, and we even got to enjoy some snow (finally PA) together.

Collin also caught his finger in a car door, and it got infected.  He had a bit of a cold too, so I spent a few days with him at home hanging out too.

 the pitties love when a kid is home sick
like that red streak going up his arm?  A little scary, but we caught it early and the antibiotics are working wonderfully

Collin and I have also spent some time working on his Valentines Box for school, but I can't show you too much- he wants the reveal to be a surprise.

I finally fired some ceramic beads, that I had made back in November.  I love them, and totally plan to make more.  Stay tuned for a small sale on my destash page this week.  I will have some of these available.

I also made some little charms from quartz crystal spike and epoxy clay, and I am loving them!  now I can use stones that have no holes more easily.  I will have some of these for sale too, and others will surely go into my charm necklace!

I have also used my free time to spend time with friends, and enjoyed a painting and wine night!
It was a great time, and since then I have been tinkering with some paints.

I also made a new stamp / linocut and had fun with a few prints.
I had a dear friend who marched at the womens march in DC, and she really loved this symbol.  So as Julia and I sat together after the march, and talked about inequality, privilege, and justice, we looked at sister marched, bonded over signs and listened to speeches.  She too, picked this symbol out and said, "wow - that is great".  So, I wanted to do something with it.  

I have also made these into postcards and will order them at cost for you if you are into sending post cards to your senators and reps!  Message me if interested.

I have also used my time to finally put up some prints and fill some picture frames that have been sitting in my family room for way too long!!!!  Below is our little shrine to our dog Jake, and some family photos of the kids and dogs.

Here is my picture wall in the living room, I finally added my Jane of Gritty Arts Studio prints.  If you have not seen her work, please check it out, its amazing.  I also hung my Ward Van Haute (it used to be in my studio).

So, that is what I have been up to between listings.  That and calling and messaging my PA rep and senators to let them know how they can work for ME!  lol!  And you should too, not matter what it is you want.  Because that is how our democracy works.  We don't need someone to give this country back to us, we just need to raise our voices and take it back.  

Next on my list, is finishing up a new Craft Art Edu class on carving polymer clay (yay!!!!) 

and cleaning my studio (going to be a doooooozy of a job) to make new jewelry for the Bethlehem House Gallery and my show next month.  Wish me luck, there is so much other stuff I want to dive into!  

May focus be with me!

So, though I haven't been business productive, I guess things are getting done that need to be done or finished up.  It has felt good, even if I have nothing much to show for it and more mess!  

How is your winter going?  Are you snowed in and going batty?  or making sure you get out and socialize?  Do you have winter projects you plug away at?  I would love to hear it!