Friday, November 18, 2016

How is it November already?

No, really?  How is Thanksgiving next week?  I am so unprepared.

I have my last show on Saturday at North Penn High School.  It's a wonderful show full of high quality hand picked artisans.  If you are local, I hope you will stop by.  I have been working on my indoor display set up, and I am quite happy with it!

It feels like a little shop you can walk into.  

I finally got some "real" pipe and drape instead of an old taped and tied up tent frame!  I am really liking it.  Very easy to set up.

I will have my bags and my prints available.  I also changed a few things up.  I have these smaller pieces that I offer, and they usually hang on a T-bar display.  They so often get overlooked though.  I think my other pieces are so big that little things just can't compete.  though I still like to make them, and I know there are still people who would like something daintier.  So I packaged them in individual boxes, ready for gifts.  I love it and I think they will finally get some attention now.  You can really see the detail in each one.

I really like how this style I am holding turned out.  I bought these antique brass belts years ago- because I LOVED them.  And there they have sat.  I have tried a few times to work them into pieces and they just don't turn out.  Soooooo, finally, it came to me, and I made a few of these pendants.  So perfect to show off a great fossil like this fossil coral slab!

I also have some cool news I have been sitting on for a few months.

The winter issue of Belle Amoire Jewelry features me for their Designer Collection.  I was so honored to be asked to do it.  Rice Freeman-Zachery did the interview and wrote an article that made me tear up.  She really listened and captured me and my creative process.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  So if you get to Barnes and Nobles, or a local craft store, check it out.  They did 12 pages of my work!  I also have a 4 page article in that issue.  

(this is the issue- not my piece on the cover though)

Now I am going to try to stop staring at my pieces in print and finish getting ready for my show and the upcoming holidays!!!!


I do plan on having a bead sale early next week, before thanksgiving (monday or tuesday).  It will be on my Facebook page for sales.

I will also be offering some gifty jewelry for sale, and some will be made to order (this is new for me- but I think it will be fun to customize some designs for you guys).  Others will be sale items.  I will also have prints and bags available for the holidays.  So if you know someone who would love a block print or bag, check out my sale, or contact me.  I may be able to do ONE custom batch for the Holidays are over!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your huge magazine spread!! Well deserved! I always love your work. Smart idea to feature your more delicate pieces by having the gift box act as a frame. Petite customers always appreciate when a designer makes a special effort to have offerings for them.

  2. Hello. I have only just found you via Pinterest. Oh My, your jewellery is absolutely wonderful! I feel so inspired again to keep trying for my dream. Your pieces are organic, rustic, original & have so much depth, texture & soul. It was actually copper & sea green pieces I first saw from 2011. Just wanted to say how much I admire your style & thoughts that accompany. Amazing! Look at your work being displayed & the article is such an achievement! Kudos & a little jealousy. C

  3. Your new booth design looks great! I added curtain panels to my booth a few years ago and it made such a difference; very welcoming. Love the boxed necklaces, they showcase each piece beautifully.

    Congratulations again on being featured in such a fantastic magazine! Well deserved, you are such an talented artist. Good luck on your upcoming show.