Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcoming the New Year

I love a new year.  Even though it's just another day, another week....something about it feels fresh.  It just feels new, and squeaky clean with endless possibilities.  

I like to do some level of cleaning out in my studio around this time of year.  After a year of creating, ending with the holiday craze of making gifts and filling galleries, the studio is always cluttered and trashed!

So, stay tuned for a Destash Event this week.  I have a lot of $20 grab bags- each filled with art beads and quality gemstones! I also have some jewelry to part with that was stashed in corners and trays as well as some new beads I finished and bronze pieces I found. 

A clean slate just feels good.  A new year, new schedule, new opportunities.  It may be hard to top last year, it was a wonderful year.  The business continues to grow, I got to spread my wings and play around with more then just jewelry and beads and make some art. 

 There were some ribbons from Bead Dreams, 

there were magazine publications.  

Bead Fest was a blast,

 teaching went well, and my love for it grew and grew.  I found out my son is a natural helper in the classroom and plan to use him more in the future. (just don't try to get a picture of him!)

 I found a growing love of making art in my children this year (warms my artist mama heart).  
I learned to say no.  
I learned to take chances. 
 I learned that I can accomplish more then I ever thought, and I learned that I have don't have to keep a pace that hurts me or the family. 
 I learned that saying good-bye is hard, and to hug my loved ones daily. 
 I learned to listen a little more to my heart and a lot less to other peoples expectations. 
 I cherish that I have wonderful friends and supporters in the art and beading community and feel truly blessed to have such beautiful people in my life.

I think that any year that teaches us, and that we walk away from enriched with lessons in our pockets and hearts is a good year.

My component customers have ROCKED my beads this year too.  I'd like to take a bit to show off some of their creations using my beads.  I love seeing how everyone interprets them.

I had planned to do a design team for 2015, but alas, it was beyond my organizational skill level!  LOL!  So instead I am just showing off what these guys made!!!

Live Wire Jewelry (by Sharon Borsavage)

Judith Boyer always comes up with unique ways to use my beads!
I love what she did with my little lentil carved earring beads!

and this organic focal as well

Betony of Maiden Designs made these awesome pieces.
This one used a yellow sea urchin connector

and this awesome piece used one of my New (2015) elephant focals.  She did an elephant inspired blog hop and she nailed it with this piece!

I love the earthy asthetic of Marlene Quigley 

She combined this donut (one of my favorites) with her handmade chain

and these earring beads with some of her own metal charms
perfectly paired if you ask me

I love Cheryl Zink's creations that feature my components, and man- does she crank them out!  She is a jewelry making powerhouse.

Tammy Adams of Paisley Lizard Design made some stunning pieces with my skull and eye focal beads!

I love this one sooo much!

Thank you to these guys, and to all the artists who use my components and beads.  It allows me to make more then I will ever use, and that keeps me busy, and happy!!

Moving forward.................

This year I would like to learn to make time for me.  Time to have quiet.  Time to stretch and move around more.

This year, I am doing away with more shows that haven't been great for me. 

This year I am going to apply to new shows and look for new opportunities.

This year I will devote more time to classes, and I am beginning work on some online classes with  I am very excited and will let you all know when my first class is available.

This year I will be teaching again at Beadfest Spring, as well as Beadfest August.  I will only be vending there in August though.
Here is the link to my Spring classes

This year I implement all I have learned last year.  This year I will practice the art of going with the flow even more then last year.

This year, I plan to continue to take time to do more fun things with the kids.  Collin wants to do a train ride, and you know what, so do I.

This year will be exactly what it is meant to be, and I will happily go along for the ride.

To kick off the fun of the New Year- I am having a giveaway.  It is open to everyone, but international folks will have to pay for shipping.  Just comment about the best part of 2015 or what you look forward to most in 2016 and share this post for a chance to win.  One comment per person please.  Include your email in the comment- thank you!  Winner will be announced (picked by random generator) next Monday, the 11th.

Here is the necklace I am giving away!

Good luck and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm grateful that it was a healthy year - that was very important.

  2. I do love reading your posts, Miss Staci! Your 2015 sounds like it was full of all good things, and I know that those blessings are not likely to stop anytime soon! I dearly wish that I had more time to devote to my art, but working full time puts a crimp in that! I really want to do more of my mosaics. I really enjoy them a lot. I would love to get into teaching. Not sure exactly what, but I know that I have a teacher's heart. Congrats on the CraftArtEdu! I have a little group of classes I have taken there. I will be watching so that I can add your class to my wishlist! May this new year bring you all manner of opportunities and an open heart ready to accept them. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. I love your pieces - they are so funky, bohemian and original. 2015 was a very challenging year for our family so I am looking forward to 2016 with renewed optimism and hope. Erin

  4. Traveling to Sedona AZ at Thanksgiving was a highlight for me this year. Got to experience high elevation off-roading. Quite a thrill!

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  6. You had an amazing creative year. I look forward to seeing where you take things in 2016. Especially the classes. Thanks so much for sharing some of my jewelry. I have a few more of your components in my stash and hope to come up with designs worthy of their unique beauty.

  7. Congrat's on a fabulous year and to another year that will be even bigger, with more time for YOU! I adore your pieces, and Need more..ha! This year, as with every year, I also NEED more time for me, more time to de-stress, or else everything else gets lost. I will try again, I need more tea, and I'm thinking yoga, which might be tricky with my illness, but if I go slow, I think I can do it! Here's to a fresh new 2016!

    1. i am going to try some very low key yoga too. I have a knee issue to address, but I think I can begin to relax, and learn to breathe, and do some simple poses to begin to strengthen my body. too much sedintary work is not being kind to my body!

  8. Oops, thanks so much for featuring my earrings!

  9. Best of 2015--selling themed earrings and journals, and collecting more art beads. Looking forward to using the stash in 2016 in more creative jewelry, along with some watercolor art for invitations, cards, and wall art pieces requested by customers, as well as some individual tutoring. I guess my theme word, "move", means stepping away from my comfort/center and stretching out.

  10. 2015. New opportunities at work, death of my dad, 2016.. Continued growth of my bead business and components. More family time

  11. You certainly have had an amazing year!Both your art and your art beads have inspired me and I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings for you! The best part of 2015 for me was seeing all of the milestones that Liam reached; walking, talking, his first hike up a mountain in the Adirondacks (he climbed the entire way)! In 2016 I look forward to more "firsts" with Liam and hopefully more time to create. Until he goes to school, my goals are focused on him. I do miss creating more frequently but I can always create later, moments with my son cannot be replaced! Here's to a wonderful year!