Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Work and a Holiday Sale

I try to do a sale each year........I don't do them often.  However, its a way for me to thank everyone for their support.  So this year, I am giving 25% off your total order from my shop, by using code "thankful" at checkout.  Sale runs from Thanksgiving day until December 2nd.  

I will be filling the shop with LOTS of new goodies tomorrow.  It will hopefully be the most full my online shop has ever been!!! Earrings, bracelets, beads and necklaces.  I even made some new styles.  They are a tad simpler, and in a lower price range.  Great for gifts.  

I know I certainly have friends and relatives who love my style of jewelry but are intimidated by the larger pieces- these are perfect for them!  They are more average sized, yet still have flair, cool stones and fossil and are unique.  They will make great gifts.

I also got these Zen Beads strung into some simple necklaces on leather.  I wanted those intricately carved beads to be the stars of the show!

 Now, even though I am listing tomorrow, I cannot hold items until the sale starts.  It is first come first serve.  Early orders will not get the sale price refunded.  Coupon code goes active midnight on Wednesday.

In other news, I have also been messing around with some other "art".  I made some polymer mixed media pieces that have been running around my mind for some time now.  It felt REALLY good.  

This is the direction I plan to explore next, and take a bit further, these organic fossil like pieces.

I LOVED how these turned out, though I had not even sketched them. They just happened spontaneously
Tree of Life
(these all sold already, but I plan to make more)

My full moon and swirling sky piece's were the first I sketched.  I have one hanging in my home already.  These were my favorites!

Art has always been my passion, and though I get to be very creative making jewelry, I always long to be painting or sculpting or doing something else as well.  I was really happy with how these turned out and plan to make more.  They are for sale, but not in the shop, nor are they part of the 25% off sale.  You can see which are still available on my facebook page here

and if you are interested in one, you can message me.

So that is all.  I hope you can stop by the sale- and enjoy your Thanksgiving.  May it contain laughter and love and good food!

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