Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fossils in Belle Armoire

I have not been hitting the magazine submissions very hard lately- but I was really happy to get this article in Belle Armoire's current issue.  I mean, Susan Lenart Kazmer is has the designer collection in it, how awesome is that?  I love her free form and organic.  

So I was really happy to be in that particular issue (set/oct/november 2015 Fall issue)

So, on page 58-61 you can find my Free-Form Wire Prong Setting article!

It was a lot of fun to do.  They only showed the front of ONE of the pieces though, and I wanted to make sure readers could have a chance to see the fronts of all of them.  Granted, the back is very pretty with all the free form circles and stuff, but the front has the cool stones and fossils.

From left to right there is a crystal, a fossilized horse tooth, a druzy and a fossilized trilobite.  I just love these pieces!  It makes me ready to make more very soon with some of my new druzy cabs I have been hoarding.

Anyhow, go out and get a copy- because not only is Susan in there, and me, but also Cat Kerr, Marlene Quigley, just to name a few!

It never stops feeling good to see your work in print.  Everyone should give it a go- you never know!

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  1. Congrats, I read that article and would love to give that a try. Always love your work either in magazines or on the web.