Monday, August 17, 2015

August: Beadfest Prep and End of the Summer Fun

Beadfest is always a marathon to prepare for.  So many beads to make.  I started late this year, due to a million little has been that kind of year for me.  
(I am in booth 572B this year, so come and find me, at the back end of artisan alley! Coupon for $5 admission at the end of post)

Anyhow, it is now only 3 days away and I think I will be ready!  It has been a blur of beads and painting and sealing and pricing and putting together kits!  Here is a peek at all I have done in the last 4 weeks............

making the beads

Painting (and crackling and sealing) the beads, which required some extra organization

and there was carving to be done.....

Set had to get tied together...........................
trays had to be arranged..........................

there was bronz clay that got made, fired, antiqued, polished and sealed......

Practicing my set up
first run

still working on it- it needed the shelves for more space, I like having lots of jewelry samples

Plus, my table is on an end, so I needed the right side to also be a "front" for people coming from that direction.  I think I got it mostly worked out now (I will have a sign up and a drape over the busy table cloth as well)

I finally have arranged trays of finished beads (they just need pricing, which will take the last two days I have)

I am teaching a class on Sunday as well, my Gypsy Wire Choker class there were kits to make!!!!

and lots and lots of wire to anneal (I used my gas stove ILO my torch and wow what a time saver!!!)

and then there was packaging them and labeling them, which I had help with............

AND, in the last 4 weeks, I have also found time to join the family with a couple day trips to the shore

and some time at Musikfest enjoying great music and friends

selfie with my brother 

I really cannot believe all I have done in the last 4 weeks.  I am going to need a vacation (and sleep)
(my September is never easy either!  It's catch up, tutorials, an anniversary- and three kid birthdays- plus getting in the groove with school starting- I will take a weekend for me in October!)

Even the kids have gotten the bead bug and dug out their beads to make jewelry the other day!

Anyhow, I hope you can come and see me at Beadfest Booth 572B- Artisan Alley, in the back.  I will be in a booth / corner with Marsha Neal Studio, Nikki Thornburg Studios and Diane Hawkey.  It will be so much fun!

Here is a discount coupon, just save it to your computer and print out to get in for only $5.  Feel free to share it too!
Oh yeah- one more thing-
I moved my Painted Polymer tutorial from etsy to my own Indiemade shop.  So if you want to purchase it, you can purchase it here now!


  1. What a gorgeous post - love all the beady eye candy :)

    1. i am so excited to go. you should try to come out for it one year Sherri! its such a good time (and oh the beads!)

  2. I just cannot wait to stop by and drool over all your beads. Better have some wipes sitting beside you! Heather and I are getting pretty geeked about Beadfest. Maybe not so much Heather yet, she's busting her butt getting her stuff done too. But once we get there it's like going to! I can't wait to see you all.

    1. I can't wait either! I am such a geek about bead friends, and well, about beads too! LOL! Can;t wait to see you guys