Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some Exciting Things Going on Around here

I am wrapping up listing a round of my newest style polymer beads- carved beads with color.
I first fell in love with carving beads in black, but have since moved on to adding color to them, and loving the results.
you can pick some up here
The other news is that the voting for the Peoples Choice awards in the Bead Dreams competition has begun.  To cast you vote, use this link
If you want to vote for me, my pieces are Sea Swept
 and Zen Circles. 

If you follow the link, and scroll down through the pictures, they are a little over halfway down.  They are named, but there are no artist names applied to the pictures. 
So that is what is new and exciting with me. 
I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend!
Thanks as always for your support!



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  2. I cast my vote for your 'Sea swept' piece! It was truly my favorite. So beautiful! -- Julie Wong Sontag

  3. Love your new carved beads and your Zen Circles necklace! A seriously amazing artistic statement piece! Best wishes on winning the contest.

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