Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving In and Movin On

So, now that I am in the studio, there is still alot of little fine tuning to do, and a lot of fear on my part, that I will trash it quickly and it won't be so nice anymore!
I tried to set things up in a logical way, giving myself extra room to lay things, since I tend to pile..............and pile............and pile.
What can I say, I like things in arms reach.  That is why I made this.
It is a shoe rack, that I used on my desk top for bead storage.  I spray painted it, and drilled holes on the bottom to add casters.   (ok, the hubs did that part!  not me)
Then I added an extra crate I had on top. 
Since I LOVE to have everything within arms reach when I work on stuff, and never have enough desk top, I needed something that would help to avoid the piles of things next to my desk. 
This can be wheeled over to sit beside me, and hold things like my stamps and molds, polymer clays, metal clays toold, paints, whatever I am working on, and then, if I am not done at the end of the day, it can be wheeled to the side, out of the way.
When I am done with say, polymer clay, the bins can go back on the shelves here and my "pile cart" gets wheeled to the side again.

Then I can always walk through the room, which didn't happen too often before.

So I got to use my cart today while making some long overdue polymer beads. 
I really just played, I had nothing in mind when I sat down. 
I made some big top drilled spikes that I really think will make nice sets.

I made some funky start spikey donuts

And some black beads to be painted with coppery metal paint.

I am going to paint designs on them, like my floor.  The donut below is a sample.
 I also got to play with some metal paint and patina's.  LOVE the results.  These are gonna be REAL fun!

Some more new shapes and things

And my favorite beads of the day, skinny sugar skulls!  Can't wait to paint these!  Such a fun shape.  I even made some double sided.

Have I mentioned I love my studio?  (sorry, still in shock)
Here she is all moved into.
Stop by tomorrow for a post about Bead Fest Philly in August, and where you can find me and some other great beady friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i'm so in love with your floor!!!

  2. i'm so in love with your floor!!!

  3. I'm so jealous of your studio. And that floor is fantastic! I like having everything at arm's reach too and it sure makes for a messy bead table for me. I like your solution of the rolling box.

    Your new beads are wonderful. Love the spikey donuts.

  4. I'm so happy for you. With all the beautiful work that you do, you certainly deserve your transformed space!