Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family Time - a Refreshing Break

If you are fairly new to my blog, then I will fill you in a bit.  Making jewelry is my full time job, but it always comes second to these guys. 
(the lookout over the Grand Canyon of PA or Pine Creek Gorge- my hubs and three kids)
We took a little break to spend some time up north in Tioga County with my parents and in- laws last weekend.  It was some great family time, and I really needed that mental re-fresher.  Suddenly the kids are at an age, where I feel like they need me a lot more- not to take care of them like when they were smaller, but emotionally, and to teach them about stuff.......
It's had me a bit frazzled, since I have a lot on my plate business wise.  Sorry if I've been two weeks behind on everything (for those of you waiting for stuff)......this trip was just what I needed to jump back into work full force- kids allowing that is.
My husband has been going to Tioga since he was a boy.  He'd go with his Dad and hunt and fish, and go with the family for lots and lots of vacations.  They have family friends up there and know it like the back of their hands.  I had gone up with him a few times before we had kids, but last weekend was the first we got to go as a family, and had all our parents with us to boot. 
It turned out to be a great Fathers Day weekend, spent with my three favorite Dad's.  Here are my kids handing out the cards they made to Justin.
We stayed at a place called the Rough Cut Lodge, and we can't recommend it enough.  It sits right on the Pine Creek.  The cabins are up a small hill and overlook a field that goes to the creek side.  The kids just ran around the field, and we could watch them from the covered porch (and each one has a porch swing too).  The cabins were great!  I don't' mind roughing it a bit, but you don't rough it in these!  They have fire pits, volley ball nets, picnic tables by the creek and nice benches so you can watch the kids play in the creek. 
Julia and My Mom aka: gram

kids at the huge table inside the cabin

 Aiden in the little creek that runs into the bigger Pine Creek
Julia and Collin collecting bugs and stuff

None of us could keep out of the water for very long, soooo inviting

Me and the Hubs


Look at that backdrop!!!
Collin found a skull while hiking in the canyon- of course!

in the canyon, water pours down all over the place!

The kids, they did a long hike with us, about 6 miles

Julia, always in the water

On our snack break - she is my girl!!!!

I am sure Collin would have just wandered off in a daze of collecting things if I let him...he kept creeping further and further, not even caring where we were
Rarely seen picture of brother love, no brothers were harmed during the taking of this picture

This was Collins first time really fishing, and he did great!  He brought home the biggest fish!  The boys said they would bring home dinner, and they sure delivered!
They were yummy!!!!!

Collin ate the whole thing!!!!
 This was our backyard for the weekend.  Can't beat that.
 There were other families there too, so the kids found friends to play with
 Julia grabbing a snuggle with my parents
Our porch hangout for the weekend!!!!
This is a shot from the lookout again- such a beautiful view

and we saw this guy the first day on the way down the mountain from the lookout.  He wasn't too happy we disturbed him...he was happily munching on something, but slowly walked away when we stopped to get a picture (from the car of course)
We had a great time.  Best of all, there are tons of fossils there.  The kids and I collected tons of them from along the Pine Creek.
This run of rocks stretched on and on.  You just had to flip them over to find if they were fossils.  Since they have been in the creek for who knows how long, many are worn on one side, or the fossils themselves are being worn away...which was kinda cool too. I came home with a lot of rocks.  A LOT!

Here you can see some of the little marine life impressions that were common

I even found small ones that would fit perfectly in a bezel.
 These are all fossils on them- some are better then others, but they will all make some sort of interesting jewelry
And I just could not pass up all the perfectly rounded stones!  These will be getting drilled for jewelry use, and if I have time, to sell as sets for bead fest.  I washed them last night, and need to drill them through the next few weeks.
So that is where I was for a long weekend last week.  The kids had their last day of school Thursday and we left early Friday.  I am jumping into the studio - starting now- to make a lot of jewelry this week for a very exciting secret project!
Then its onto beads and jewelry for The Tinicum Arts Festival in July and Bead Fest Philly in August.  


  1. What a beautiful place! It takes me back in time to places we would go in KY in the summer. Your family is wonderful and I loved them giving the cards to their Dad. It's always so nice to get away with family in nature. By the way, I got my ring - it will fit 2 of my fingers and I love it - thanks.

    1. So happy you have some versatility with the ring. I always love when the kids make stuff for us, it is directly from the heart! They just tackeled him in the morning- it was super sweet!

  2. Looks like a wonderful retreat! And - YAY for rocks!!! And fossils!!! Great finds!

    1. Yes ditto to what Karen said ! I also love the rocks and fossils !

  3. What a beautiful place and the cabin looks very comfortable. I have wonderful memories of hanging out in a stream all day in Allegany State Park looking for crayfish.

    1. We found one crawfish.....and saw a water snake too! They didn't look too hard though...they could have found more!

  4. What a fantastic looking vacation spot, looks like everyone was having a great time. We have a creek on the back of our property where all my kids love to fossil hunt, and splash around or course, lol.

    1. Lucky you! I will live by water someday. When the kids r grown, we will buy land, it will be by the sea or the have a stream or river on the property! My only stipulation!

  5. What a beautiful place ! I would so love to go there ! My first time to your blog and I am really enjoying it. Thanks so much for sharing !

    1. Thanks for finding your way here! You will find a little bit of my life on here, both jewelry and my kids- the two things that keep me busiest!

  6. What great pictures. You're family is so great - love that first photo and too bad you weren't in it. ;(

    We go to Tioga County, too. But not as far into the county as you. (I'll tell you sometime..)

    anyway. I was going to say - "oooh, jewelry potential with those fossilized rock and all." But you beat me to that... of course. :)

    I'm glad you had a great time. Relaxing and soaking up all of that beautiful weather. God's Marvelous Creation. Indeed.

    See you tonight at CG??

    1. It was so beautiful! Don't know about tonight, Julia is feeling pretty yucky with a really sore throat,we will have to see how this pans out.

  7. What a gorgeous spot! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all...thanks for sharing, we're looking for a place to go for vacation next year, and this might be a contender! :)

    1. There are lots of great places up north in PA. This just happens to be the one Justins family always went to. the whole ride up is gorgeous!!!!

  8. What a great memory you are making! Jewelry life has been replaced by ball diamond life around here. I would love to get away and take a trip like this to explore some of our beautiful sights. But I think that my kids are getting beyond the ages when they will still tolerate a trip like this! On another note, your ears must have been ringing on Friday. I had a client meeting for a custom order I am doing and she put together a Pinterest board to show my her tastes. She started with things of mine she had pinned then she leaped around to others that I have collected and your name came up A LOT! She loves your clay and your rustic style, so now I know what I will be doing with all that I have been hoarding from you! ;-) Showed her your studio floor and she was over the moon excited by you! But I am not surprised, as I feel the same way.

    Enjoy the day! Erin