Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back in the Groove

I feel like I am getting back in the groove of things.  Finally got some beads made, just need to wax them later.
I pulled some of the new beads out of the mix to make jewelry with. Some of them will be for etsy, some for the galleries, and some to put aside for my July jewelry show. 
Cleaning my studio helped me to make a large, two tray collection of old gemstone work that needed to be dismantled so I could recycle the beads. So I thought I'd dive into those first......and guess what?  I found some great combos.  They will require a little tweaking and total re-stringing.....but I like them.  Simple and easy.

So Friday I will be listing both beads and jewelry!!!!
(beads above are samples of the new batch I made)
I hope I can keep the momentum rolling, got lots to do still to catch back up from shows, studio re-model, kid injuries, etc....  Busy time of year.

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