Friday, March 15, 2013


I am terrible at schedules and dates, and goals and actually completing things on time.  Really terrible.  However, I am no quitter.  So I am setting a goal for myself this year.  With the exception of weeks leading up to shows, I plan to list in etsy shops each friday.  I will update beads one friday, and jewelry the next.  It will usually just be a handful of items, unless more is really needed.
Last week I updated beads.  Today I updated jewelry.
I am also NOT doing any sea glass festivals this year.  Kinda sad, but I needed a lighter load.  So I listed some sea glass pendants in my shop at half price.  I will still work in sea glass, but most likely will not be making these again.  They are in sterling silver too- from back when it wasn't ridiculously priced.  They were always popular, especially the stacked ones I listed today. 
I also added these guys to the shop, a couple of my Artfully Adjustable Necklaces and a Pendant

So now you know, new stuff to check for on Fridays.  No custom orders these days, and no reserves unless you are doing a payment plan.  So check by each week to see whats new!
Have a great weekend!

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