Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fun at the Farm

It was gorgeous yesterday in my eastern Pa town.  50 degrees and sunny!!!!  The kids had off, and so did the hubs, so we packed them up and took them an hour north to their Pap's farm in Lehighton.  Their Pap breeds and trains Trotters for racing.
We also took our guns for some shooting time.  The kids have a couple BB guns, and the oldest got his first shotgun this year.  Justin and I took our handguns.
Having a snack after a couple hours of hard play
It was a fun filled day of visiting with family, loving on the horses- they are sooooooo sweet!  And shooting (something I enjoy very much!)  Great day with my loved ones and a really nice break from making the beads. 
Aiden with one of the horses- they just loved the attention!
These beauties could NOT wait to get out of the barn and run around- they were so fun to watch, like little kids at a birthday party!  They were even running a long the fence after the kids!  They did finally settle so I could get a good pic though.

The men did some repairs while Pap had an extra set of hands. (Pap even had the kids mucking stalls, love it!!)
Here the kids are trying to get the horses to run with them again.
Here is the path to the track- kids had a lot of fun watching Pap trot the last horse!  Sorry I didn't get a pic of that though. 
It was such a fun day, and the best part was that the kids were totally worn out!  They (and we) slept great!  Now, back to bead making for me.
But first, tell me something that rejuvenates your creative spirit when you are in the midst of crunch time!!!!!!  I can't always run up to the farm- but this really did well for me!


  1. It looks like a grand ole time was had by all...

    I know we've talked about this before... but it still cracks me up. You and a handgun. lol.

    Enjoy your back-to-beading.

    1. LOL! I love it, but I shot pretty horrible for most of the time. a 9mm is a lot different from the 22 I started on. But is fun! ;) Towards the end I was figuring out what I was doing wrong, and my last clip was pretty good. Still not as consistant as I'd like though.