Friday, November 16, 2012

Proud Jewelry Mama and other Ramblings

I had such a great time with the blog hop yesterday.  I was so thrilled that so many people jumped in, so fearlessly, and tried it.  I know it is not easy to try something new, and then, on top of that, to show off your first attempt in a blog hop.  It was amazing.  Some of you were pro's already, and some were beginners, but everyone poured their heart into it, and no kidding, everyone piece was awesome. 
I love that everyone was adventurous, and I hope, that learning a new technique will open a plethora of design idea's for each and every one of you!!!!!!
I feel like a proud mama.  Great job guys- and thanks for taking part in the hop. 
I claim no expertise in the area of metal smithing.  I am still learning as I go, mostly by trial and error.  But I feel it is important to share what I learn, since I learned from others sharing with me.   Pay it forward, and hope it helps someone.  I hope that I can inspire others to create from their heart, because happiness is born there.  Be true to yourself, the artist within, don't over think it, there is always room to grow, and change, and evolve.  I know I have been inspired by some many artists along the way, and still am, every day.  It challenges me, and keeps me from getting bored or stagnant.
Anyhow, great job guys!  And thanks for participating.
Now it's time to focus on the holidays. I am stocking my shops- FINALLY!  I am happy to have some time off from shows, to concentrate on my online shops.  Poor things do not get enough attention.
I finally stocked the bead shop.  Its mostly beads from old batches, the couple here and there that never got finished, or listed, or that I had kept in my stash intending to use them.  Well, I finished them, and parted with them, and they are now in the shop.  It's an eclectic mix of beads, and when they are gone, they are gone. 

Here are some of the goodies in there right now.

I have a couple Time Soaked Shells in the shop

Some Moon Babies

Some new spiral focals..............I use them like this....

But the possibilities are endless.  They are made of 12g copper and hammered, and soldered closed.  Very substantial focals or connectors.

I added some more of my bronze pieces riveted a copper backing like this one......

And lots and lots of ammonites, in polymer

and bronze

and bronze patina

And last but not least, my newest beads- faux bird skulls in polymer.  Each is hand sculpted.  I am really happy wtih how these turned out.

(I am also having fun with PicMonkey- love the effects you give your pictures)
bird skull pendant
Here is a necklace I made with my bird skull and bronze harmony wings.  I love the feel, the quality it has, like science specimens brought together with old ribbon.  I LOVE those old science posters with the hand drawn specimens, or the trays of butterfly wings and mouse skulls.  So I am bringing a little bit of my love of science to the beads and jewelry I make. 

I am going to make sugar skulls today in bronze, so they should be in the shop next week.  I am sooo excited, since I made two more sugar skull stamps, so there will be a nice variety!  I plan to make some wing sets, and maybe some earring sets too.  I feel like I have a ton of large focals and not enough charms and earrings in the shop for you guys. 
 I also plan to make a series in polymer this winter, with the science, specimen idea in mind.  Very excited!!!!
So be sure to check out the shops and see what is new!
Thanks for listening as I ramble and catch up with you guys!
Have a Great Weekend!


  1. I did get a chance to see some of the creations, and they really did an awesome job. Great work everyone and good job with your tutorial!

  2. You are constantly innovating and changing. I love your rustic style and the way these pieces work so well with a variety of beads. The new skulls are AWESOME! Hard to believe that they are from clay. But that stuff is pretty much a miracle, isn't it? I love to see what you do next! And thanks for sharing your knowledge and encouragement with others. That is what it is all about. Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Oh I like all of these especially the face with wings, very cool! I missed the blog hop but I'll go to yesterday's post and hop on :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved the challenge! Thank you so much for your tutorial and for setting the challenge! I love the new setting technique so much that I've started a couple more already.

  5. You did such an amazing job with that challenge - and you have every reason to feel like a proud mama, because you were such an encouragement to so many. You're right - it was pretty amazing to see people new to the technique just leap fearlessly into it!

    Happy thanksgiving to you! I am thankful to be getting to know you better this year. :-)