Friday, October 12, 2012

Applhead Open Studio

I am so excited for this show.  Applehead Studio Show.  It's close, and informal......just my kind of show. I love the studio environment where you can mingle and talk art.  Plus, I get to the honor of doing this show with three, local, fellow women artists, whose work I greatly admire. 

Please, if you are local, stop on by.  It's free to come and browse and say hi.  There will be snacks and music and wine.........and don't forget, the GREAT ART!
Its at the home of Sue Wright.  She does 2-D and cool mixed media art. 
You can see some more of Sue's work here.
She often works closely with Mary-Lynne Moffatt. 
photo by Mary-Lynne Moffatt
 You can view more of Mary-Lynne's  work here.
We will also be graced by the company of Mary Ann from Sardine Clothing Company.  She recycles clothing and make awesome new skirts- and I see she is going to have lots and lots of really cool warm things for us to buy this weekend.  Can you believe she free forms all these appliques? 
You can see more of Mary Ann's stuff here on etsy.
Then there is me.  You know where to find me.  Here are a few new things I will have at the show.  Please forgive the un-edited photo's.  NO time, no time, never enough time!  But I made some Halloween Jewelry, which I really never do. I don't do seasonal, but, I picked things that I liked, and thought I could really use, or you could really wear all year long if you like them!  Sugar Skulls and Spider Webs and Bats!!!  Oh my!

I made a few bats in this style, but don't have pics of the new ones.  They use Marsha Neals ceramic bats, and have swirls to mimic the motion the bats fly in!  I just love them on.  They are comfy and hang just right.

So I hope you can make it out.  Did I mention there is wine and food too?  Come and say hi!!!  I hope to see you there.


  1. Sounds like a great show. I love your Halloween jewelry!!!!

    Happy Friday...

  2. that sugar skull is fabulous beyond words!

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