Sunday, September 23, 2012

When life gives you lemons.....................

Who am I kidding?  Make lemonade?  Who has time for that?  When life gives me lemons, I want to throw them at someone.  But I don't even have time for that. 
Don't worry, I really do count my blessings, but sometimes enough is enough, and we have had sooooooo much illness in our house the last two weeks.  And I have two big shows that I must prep for during this time, and did a release for collabs that I have been working on forever. 
Here is a brief overview of my last couple weeks.
Tuesday Sept 11th, julia gets stomach flu all night.
Wed Sept 12th she is better tummy wise but runs a fever
Thursday, she must stay home for the 24 hour fever free rule at school
in the meantime, littlest, collin now has a yucky cold that keeps him up with a stuffy nose.  waking for him wed and thursday nights
Friday the 14th, collin gets stung by two bees at once, reacts poorly
friday night (night before my show) collin wakes with croupy cough, hardly able to catch his breath and 102 fever
saturday 15th, collin seems better, off to do my show, dad watches him
saturday night, his fever is back and now my oldest has a runny nose and cough and its flaring his asthma.  I am awake every 20 minutes for a 3 hour stretch between the two of them
sunday 16th- finish my show, dad makes them all rest and we all sleep sunday night
Monday- collin seems better again.  monday night, fever
tuesday 18th, collin goes to the dr. and has a double ear infection and tonsilitis- goes on antibiotics
Tuesday night, Julia wakes with high fever and croup so bad we land in the ER
Julia runs fever on and off till thursday, no fever all day thrusday
Friday morning, fever is back, and so is the bee sting reaction on collins hand a week later?????
Saturday night, more croupy coughs, and collin almost knocks his tooth out wrestling his brother.
Sunday (tonight)- aidens birthday dinner and cake. (11 years flew right by)
Please note the gigantic container of hand sanitizer by my sons head.  Yeah.  One in every room.
Tomorrow, julia goes to the Dr.
Holy moly.  And I was doing good too, I really was. 
And then I lost my favorite hole punch pliers. 
(wah wah wah)
They are gone.
They fit all the rivets I have perfectly.
I finally got some time in my studio today, and they are no where.  no where.  I looked everywhere.  Now, needless to say, its been a crazy two weeks.  I have stuff everywhere.  No doubt, I was punching a hole when someone needed first aid of some sort.  but I checked the freezer, and the medicine cabinet. I checked the car, the basement, and I even crawled under my desks and clean my studio. I found lots of things. 
Not my pliers.
Have you seen them???  They look like this.
Did I mention they fit my rivets?  Perfectly?
Why are they so important?  Well, I need to make a bunch of sea glass jewelry, and I got this great idea for a way to prong set, without having to solder wire standing on end on sheet. I could punch holes with my pliers, and feed through my rivets  (which fit snug and perfectly) from the bottom so they stand up
Add a little easy solder paste and torch them to stay in place....then add my cab or sea glass, and prong set them.  EAsy Peezy...........except...................
Well, I couldn't find them, and my brain could NOT make lemonade.  I could not move on to another task.  I just simply could not.  I had to try this.  It had to happen. 
So I went to Ace to find a drill bit that fits my rivets perfectly.  It was hard, but I found one.  (still grumbling that my poor pliers must be missing me somewhere)
I thought I'd try it out on something that had been laying on my desk forever because it wouldn't solder together right for me.  This moon face needed to be set onto this copper /brass setting.  So I drilled my holes, fed my rivets through, soldered them, and prong set the moon.  I hammered it just a bit, to harden the prongs..........Voila! 

I used my crafted findings rivet machine to add the rest of the goodies, and its getting a sea glass drop on the bottom and beading and such.  Its the moon over the sea.
I didn't make lemonade, I think I just sucked on a bitter lemon along with a little vodka.  Maybe tomorrow I will make lemonade, or maybe earrings, cause they need to get made too. Anyhow, it will work out.  Mostly, I am hoping for better health in the upcoming week. 
My show this coming weekend is on LBI New Jersey (long beach island) and its a mini sea glass festival.  My hubs and I go a day before and stay a day longer and make it a little get away without the kids.  I am praying that we are all healthy by then so I can just enjoy my time away with hubs.  We need it.
Thanks for listening to the rant.  The missing pliers was the straw that broke the camels back.  I am still smiling though.
Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me through sick kids, and shows and who has made the launch of Genea and my collab sets a success.  You guys rock.


  1. So so hard,with the kiddos going through all of the virus that has whirl winded it your way. Hard too as Mum, I imagine, to carve out that space you need to make things when your babies need your loving. But you know, I think you've made some lemonaide. That's a beautiful focal piece.

    1. I find it hard to be creative when I am tired or distracted (like worries about my babies). This piece makes me happy cause it had so many fails in the soldering stage. And I had such a vision for it! It turned out a bit different, but I am happy its finally jewelry.

  2. Happy Birthday to Aiden! You deserve a crown, Lady! Hang in there...I know you will & I'll betcha you find those pliers (x fingers for you.) Hope the kids are all back to good health and soon. Allergies are terrible right now.

    Love the piece you finished. That's what it's about, huh? Finding a way. :)

  3. I am sure your pliers will show up some time. Some of my missing treasures were found a year or two later! Hope everyone gets well, and stays that way!

  4. Sheesh! What a time you have all had of it. I hope your pliers turn up. When in doubt I turn to my husbands model bench. . .

  5. Wow! You may not feel like it but you are superwoman!!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon, you really do need a break! Love your new collab sets by the way :)

    1. Thanks! I am happy I have an understanding hubs, who tolerates a messy house so I can create instead!!!

  6. Welcome to motherhood! I think we've all been there ;) When you've got three (or more) it seems like by the time the last one is well, the first one is getting sick again! Love your moon over the sea piece with the different color metals.

  7. P.S. The best way to find your pliers is to buy another pair - they'll turn up for sure then!

  8. I know it!!!! Murphys Law never lets us down!

  9. Yes, Murphy's law, I lost a file, bought another one, found it! Nothing like a backup unit! Staci, you are one strong woman! Forging through sickness, sleep-deprivation, a show, of all things, then come back to create that awesome riveted piece! And you spoke with such optimism, too, in spite of it all! Verrrrry impressive! Hope you have a truly relaxing get-away on Long Beach Island.

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