Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summers End

I feel like I am cramming so much into August!  It was so hot this year, we just didn't do a whole lot this summer.  We are planning a zoo trip to Lehigh Valley Zoo this week or next, and we'd like to do a group hike at Peace Valley Park before school starts too.  So much to do, so little time. 

We went to Musikfest over the weekend and really had a great time.  Justin and I got to go friday without the kids and met my mom up there. 

For those of you who don't know what Musikfest is, it is a 10 day festival of free music and takes place all through Bethlehm Pa.  Check it out!  I have been attending Musikfest for over 20 years, it's always a good time, especially if you like music, and friends, and beer.

So, anyway, friday we decided to check out the "new" side of Bethlehem, since they moved some of the venues to the South Side, near the Steel Stacks.  The steel stacks used to be the Bethlehem Steel plant, and they have since built the ArtsQuest Center there where you can hear various bands and concerts throughout the year, and the Levitt Pavillion for free music throughout the year. both, with this as the backdrop.

I got to see this band, XVSK, and fell in love with them.  It was amazing what they could do with only the two of them.  YES, two of them, a drummer and a cello player/ singer.

I just love the this festival takes place all through historic Bethlehem. The South Side was nice, it has real bathrooms (not port o potties) more open space for kids to play, and playground

and everything is really close together. So we thought it was the perfect place to fest with the kids. So we took them there Sunday for the fireworks. (below is two of them laying in my lap while listening to Eric Steckle- an amazing blues performer, and sooo young too- clip below the pic)

Here they are watching the dancers that entertain between shows, they absolutley loved them, and tried to dance like them the rest of the night. I had to pull Collin away, he was in love with dancing!

We ended the night Sunday catching some of Boston, and then fireworks.  Great time. I just love music, and I was happy the kids could experience the festival too.  It's important to me that they are exposed to art and history, and they had a million questions about the old steel factory,and the really liked seeing HOW the music is played, live.
Saturday Justin and I had a whole night with no kids, and heard some great Celtic Bands. These guys were my favorite and brought down the house at the end of the night. And since it poured out, alot of people left and we had plenty of room to dance!

The Fighting Jamisons

So now, I am catching up, trying to get ready to be gone for bead fest this weekend, and spend some more time with the kids. If the weather holds out, Lehigh Valley Zoo Thursday with Gram!  I am so sad that summer is coming to an end, but ahhhh, can't wait for the fall weather!

So, anyone else feeling the end of summer pressure to cram as much in as possible?

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  1. That steel plant almost looks castle-like with the colored lighting!

    You remind me of my childhood. I was raised by an artist mom and a (classical) musician dad, so we frequently went to open air concerts in the summer. My mom's parents were artsy-craftsy too, and they were rock hounds, and grandpa made jewelry - so we always had plenty to do when we went to see them. A couple of summers they took us to Art Park in upstate ny. We only saw them once a year, though, because we lived in Va and they were in NY. I loved those times! You're making great memories for your kids, and setting a great example for them when they become parents!
    Public school has already started here(!), but I'm homeschooling my boys, so it's not too bad.