Monday, August 20, 2012

It was a Beady, Festy Kinda Weekend part 1

What a wonderful time I had at bead fest.  On friday, I anxiously awaited Melinda Orr and Karen Totten, who were picking me up on their way to bead fest.  When they got to my house early in the afternoon, my kids showed them around and such, Melinda dropped of my new drill press, and we were off!!!!

We all stayed at the CourtYard by Marriot (which was beyond excellent) and we had such a wonderful time! I roomed with Melinda and Karen with Lorelei Eurto, and we had rooms right across from each other.  So we checked in, and hung out a little bit, and checked out our great surroundings.  Here are a few pics of the hotel from their website- can't say enough good things about it.
courtyard where we hung out

bistro / bar- excellent food and Starbucks coffee

very open and fun space to hang out

Then we were finally off to Bead Fest.
I am not sure what time we got there, but it seemed like we only had a couple hours until they kicked us out. We went right to the Artisan Area to see all our friends, and Karen and I had trouble walking by all those beads and not diving right in! 

First we saw Joan Miller, and thus, I made my first purchase:)  She is always added new styles, and her attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. 

Joan was right next to Louise Mehaffey, of The Glass Place, and together they are the ones to thank for the wonderful Berks Bead Bazzar that happens at the beginning of each year!

Louise Mehaffey
Next stop was Diana P. of Suburban Girl Studio and Jan of Molten Mayhem, who shared a nice corner booth.  This was the place to be, I kid you not.  

Here is Diana, sporting the necklace I made using some of hers, and some of my beads.

And here is Jan, her set up was great as well.  I love how she displayed her focal beads!

Right across from them was the Ornamentea booth.  I have heard about the wonder that is Ornamentea, yet never experienced it for myself.  I finally got to meet Cynthia Deis and Elaine Ray, and their booth has such a great energy, it drew you right in, and you stayed, and came back, and just hung out.  At least I did.  Plus they had chocolate.  And did I mention Elaine Ray's beads?  I could look at them all day, and I am pretty sure she could talk about them all day.

(see, chocolate)
By this time we were running out of time to visit, so I quickly tracked down Sue of Sue Beads and Jenny Davies-Reazor, who were right next to each other.  Picked up some more beads there.
Sue Beads

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Then down the row to Mary and Molly Hubbard of White Clover Kiln.  Molly was my swap partner for the East Coast Mafia Bead Swap, and she couldn't make the swap time, so we exchanged early.

I litterally ran to meet Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf and Kerry Bogart of Kabs Creative Concepts before they were kicking us out of there, people were covering their displays and Diana had to vouch for us, that we were with her so we didn't litterally get kicked out.  I didn't even get a pic of their booth (but Kerry did, thanks Kerry), and that really upsets me, cause they both did such a nice display.

Here is Barb's

and this is Kerry's

Kerry had some amazing beads. I loved having the chance to touch and feel them.  She's quite the artist!

Then off to drinks and dinner at Legal Seafood for the traditional beady friend dinner.  Good times.

Day two started out strong, and we got to Bead Fest before lunchtime.  YAY!  I was determined to walk the whole show, yet I think I spent a good two hours hanging out with the artisans again!  I just love those gals! 

I finally got to walk around and find some gemstones and pearls.  Karen and I shopped together for a bit, but I am glad we broke off, because I think I would have spent twice as much money with her pointing out all the things I over looked.

Day two was fun.  I saw lots of people I knew, and met lots that I didn't.  Thanks to all who came up and said hi to me from my blog!  It was SOOOOOO nice to be able to put some faces to comments, and just meets some silent readers as well.  I shopped with a few different people, took some pics, talked to some vendors, sat down to eat with some ladies who I met (from my online friends), but quickly became friends......and then the bead swap. 

I was partnered with Marsha Neal, and she totally spoiled me.    Here are a bunch of random pics from the swap.

(side note- if you want to know who everyone is, check out Creative Bead Chat on facebook, an ever growing group of beaders- pics are tagged on there!)

I don't think I can blog another thing at all today. I must unpack, and move, and eat.  Stay tuned for tomorrow....all about the Creative Bead Chat happy hour, friends, and the stash I came home with!

  Note: not all the above pictures were taken by me.  some were generously shared by friends like Melinda Orr, Marsha Neal, Louise Mehaffey, Hope Moniger, Karen Totten, Kerry Bogart


  1. Wish I was oh yea...I was!! Great post! M

  2. Its kind of hard to see what I missed but this post makes me happy that ya'all had such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Shelley- thats how I felt last year:( So sorry you couldn't make it. There's always spring!!!

  3. Haha I love that photo near the end where I totally photo-bombed! Sweet! Let's do this again next year!

    ~Diana P.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful post! I can't wait to go next year! I am super excited for your part 2 post with all of your beads too! Off to read that next!

    xo Genea

  5. I feel like Shelly. Sigh.... See ya' next year.