Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trading with Friends

Well, as you know, Genea and I are working on our collaboration sets of beads.  We decided to make some sample necklaces and such before the launch, but Genea said she needed some chain, jumrprings and beads, ect.  Since I have quite the stash, I told her I'd send her a care package of findings and beads to play with.  I love to do that sort of thing for friends.

Well, she decided to send me a package back, as trade.  I must say, not only was this a wonderful stash, but it was so thoughtful, it really, really, touched me.  I don't usually talk about trades and such on here, cause I can't always do them, but this one was just tooo thoughtful to not share.  It reminds me that the people I am friends with online, are such blessings in my life, and that I should be thankful for them each day!

Here is a pic of the whole stash, minus the stuff she sent for my kids, cause they took theirs and RAN! 

Yep, thats right, she sent the boys some pendants (aliens and such) and julia got jewelry and a ton of glass flowers that went right into her bead box.  How thoughtful is that?  I got julia to pose and got a couple pics of some of her stash.

Julia got this ring made by Genea and a flower pendant.

top is her beads box, the whole upper left corner is beads from Genea. 

WARNING, the following pictures may cause extreme drooling and jealousy. 

She sent me an oil bottle pendant, knowing that I love essential oils!  Gonna put some patchouli rose in it today.  And its a mermaid.  I am such a sea gal! 

A to die for bracelet
Super fun earrings

Fiber beads and silk
colored leather

Shells cause she knows I love shells:)

Old coin charms and some moon charms- love these

Some Grateful Dead charms (you know I am a dead head!) and head pins.  See, just so thoughtful.

Some of her new enameled head pins and beads to match

(loving orange this year, so happy she sent me touches of it)

A package of ribbon cords and a handmade scrabble charm for WINE!!!!!

Genea beads, Genea beads, Genea beads and an awesome charm she made for me, the tree hugger!  Love them all.  Seriously took me so long to go through all the goodies.  Just so much to take in, all the pretties, all so carefully picked out for me.

Hill Tribes silver beads (favorites of mine) and lots and lots of wonderful czech glass beads. 

I cannot wait to start making some things.  I already have ideas!

So very fun.  And what a great idea really, to trade supplies ILO purchasing new stuff.  We all have things we hoard, and they are all different.  So why not share with our friends.  It's totally fun!

Thanks Genea. I feel amazingly spoiled and I am so thankful for you!!!!!


  1. Staci, you are so sweet! I am so grateful for you as well. Words cannot express what a blessing you are in my life! What a wonderful post! I had wished I could have sent more lampwork beads! I really need to work up some new stuff in our collab colors for sure ;)

    Gosh, I forgot all of the things I sent! Lol, I just kept packing and packing and then when you were telling me about what I sent, I was like "Now what did I send again?" lol.

    I'm so glad the kids liked their goodies too :) I love getting packages in the mail. It's like Christmas and birthdays all year round ;)

    Thank you again, my friend!

    xoxo Genea

    1. the pics don't do your glass beads justice! those pink ones are amazing! LOVE the orange and grey discs too, have an idea for them. really like the dull of the grey and pop of the orange together. You do know colors girl!

  2. Beautiful.. Beady friends are heart warming. The gifts are lovely.

  3. You're right - drool all over my computer now!!! What a very special gift -= and things for the kiddies too - what a beautiful, thoughtful person she is.

  4. You're right--I am jealous! What a fabulous bunch of beads you received from Genea. I can't wait to see the results of your collaboration.

  5. Genea is super awesome - love her to pieces - love to you both! xoxoxo

  6. That was an amazing super nice gift. Yes friends in this biz be more fun than the real world.

  7. Oh my! It's like Christmas in July! It's heartwarming to have such wonderful friends! I really love the set of lampwork a couple pictures up, they look like tree rings.

  8. How wonderfully generous of Genea, and I'd like to see what YoU sent to her, more lust and envy! (My address could become available, hint, hint!) Anxiously awaiting the jewerly that results from these lovelies!