Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Shows are a blessing......................

Well, the Tinicum Arts Festival went really well this year.  Not just sale's wise, but weather, set up, tear down, great customers, ect.....  I got to thinking about what a blessing good shows are.  Tinicum is one of those shows, where the customers are great, the vendors are so nice, and I make new friends each year, and its a beautiful setting, in a park right across the street from the Deleware River.

Here are some pics and highlights of the weekend.....

I'm not sure if it was the break in the heat, or just that Justin and I have this down to a science, but set up friday night was smooth like butter.  We set up everything but the jewlery.  I did the show myself on saturday (I don't do that too often) and it went soo well.  My neighbors were kind enough to watch my booth for me while I ran to the ladies room a couple times, and its the kind of show where theft just isn't a problem (whew on that one).  This show is a like a reunion, with lots of repeat customers and vendors who have become friends.  Just look below at this setting!!!!  It's so pretty there, if you don't mind the bugs and spiders that come with it, its very enjoyable.

Saturday was hot, but not humid, and we are so shaded that is wasn't too bad.  Initially that week they were calling for storms, which we didn't get.  It was a great day!
Sunday was slower, hotter, more humid, and then, the rain came.  Thankfully not too much, and the wicked storms that came through hit just north and south of us, giving us only rain, and none of the wind (OH so thankful for that).  Sometimes a slightly rainy show is nice, and since my mom came to help on sunday, I got to vist with friends during the rain.  We heard the thunder and saw the lightening, and its kinda fun water proofing the tent with everyone and then we all just wait, hoping praying for the best.
Below, the rain is just starting and you can see- walls went up, art was covered, umbrella's came out.......

This year I purchased a coupple things and made some good barters too.  I have been wanting to change over the glasses in my kitchen to ceramic tumblers and mugs with no handles. I alread have one from Royce Yoder that I love, and another from an artist at Tinicum last year (I forget who though).  I planned to pick one or two up at each show through the year, but, so far, no one has had any.....until this weekend.  I got 7, yes, 7 from Fairydust Pottery.  I met Jessica, who creates each piece, and fires them, some in a wood kiln, which is wonderful. 
Just look at these, its just what I was looking for, I didn't want them to match.  I am so happy with my new cups.  I break glasses too easy, they are just too fragile, and these are just way cooler anyhow.
Then I met a young woman who is from my neck of the woods, and lets face it, not many people know my little town, let alone grew up in it.  Her name is Christine King and she is the artist and owner of The Earth Purse.  Here is what I picked up from her.  (all her purses are reversible)
A large bag

a small bag

and some smaller items too.... (I am such a sucker for a great purse)

I think my favorite item (s) were from Mary-Lynne Moffatt.  She makes crazy and whimsical sculptures from polymer clay, wood and found objects. I have been a fan of her folk art style for years and years, and it was so cool to have a chance to really get to know her a little better.  I got this wonderful mermaid from her (you know my heart lives in the sea). 

 I love that she is not just swimming, she is SOARING!  Charging, she just speaks to me.
I also let my kids pick some items out for themselves, because I knew they'd love her work too.  It was fun to see what they picked, because, it was NOT what I would have picked for them.  I am so happy they get to be exposed to art and so many different artists at such a young age.
Collin went with a ghost necklace (which he promptly took apart so he could just play with the ghost) and a magnet with a goose on it.  He did not pick the puppies, which amazed me.

Aiden picked a fish (the little fisherman he is) and an uncle sam magnet.

And Julia picked a christmas ornament (to play with also) and a pin.  And to show you what a creative eye she has (I know some of you have seen her artwork on here before) look what she discovered....
She looked at the pin this way- the way it was intended to be......
and then turned it this way so the bird has a blue beak...............................
and then turned it this way and said he is a two horned, one eyed moster.  This girl is so visual!  Love it.

Now she is begging to made little animals with polymer today, and once I catch up on things enough, I guess I am getting out the clay and my scupting tools for them.  How can I say no when she is so inspired?

Lastly- I purchased some of these cool gel packs for my mom and I on sunday.  They absorb water and keep you cool.  They are amazing and I won't do a show without them.
You can tie them around your neck, or around your head, as I did on the way home, as I was drenched in sweat.  It helped to keep my hair out of my face while I drove with all the windows down too.  Here I am in all my post show glory, oh yeah, it was a HOT one.  I looked something like this.........
But after a little while in the air conditioning, I was smiling......
So, tying these around your head may not be fashion forward, but they really cool you down.  (we need to laugh at ourselves now and again).

So, today, monday, I am thankful for a good show, great feedback of my work, friends both old and new, storms that missed us, a husband who helps me with shows and supports my art, a mom who is willing to hang out on the hottest day to help me out, and then watch the kids at the end of it so I tear down.  I couldn't do this without the support of my family and today I am thankful, for it all.  Mostly, this gift that allows me to do what I love, and use it as a means to help out my family.


  1. Staci, what a wonderful post! I loved seeing your set-up and all the cool goodies you & your kiddos got. And most of all, I enjoyed reading your reflections about all of it.

    1. I'm so happy to have friends who like to hear about the things that mean a lot to me! Thanks for reading Linda.

  2. Haha I love the post show look. I always laugh at myself when I get home I look like HELL hahahaha

    1. Don't ya love that, crazy hair, sweaty, (and in summer shows) gritty, dirty feet.....good times. :)

  3. Congratulations! How rewarding to have a great show, it's so refreshing to hear! Plus the treasures you came home with are awesome

    1. Bartering at shows is my most favorite part at the end of the weekend. Its so fun to exchange art for art, hard work for hard work. I love owning other peoples handcrafted items!

  4. Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Glad to hear you had such a great show in such a beautiful location! I love what you all picked up as well! Such great art! Love those tumblers, the purse and your mermaid! Those cooling wraps look awesome too! I bet she was selling out in the crazy heat!

    xo Genea

    1. My tumbers are sooo coool! drinking coffee out of one now:)

  5. Congratulations on a successful show! I love your booth setup, and everything looks so inviting!

    1. Thanks Alice. I am finally happy with my set up. I, being an artist of course wouldn't mind changing it up, but this is VERY easy to set up, I can be totally set up, tent and all, in an hour with one helper. And tear down is a breeze.

  6. I LOVE your ceramic tumblers! What a great idea to replace your glasses with those!! And I love that they don't match - each one is its own work of art, and they look cool all together. Now you've got me thinking...

    I'm really interested in those gel packs. What's on the inside of them and how do they work? And where can I get one?

  7. Erika, those gel packs are a polymer in the center, I think like the stuff in diapers. its absorbs and expands when wet. you use ice water to wet them. they worked great. Not sure where to get them though.

  8. Thanks for sharing your booth setup...I'm about to start doing some booth shows and am working on my set up...I love the zig zag concept!