Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's the time of the month when I feel so busy, and have no jewelry to show for it.  See, when you create handmade, from beginning to end, you spend the majority of time making components. 

Everyday I try to drill some sea glass..........................

At night while speding time watching the tube with my hubby, I cut, file and shape wire for earrings and clasps.

I have a tray I use on my lap, with the two lengths needed to cut wire for the clasps and ear wires carved into the side. 

Now they need to have ends balled (some of them are charms).  The clasps get hammered, tumbled, antqiued and sealed.  The earwires get hammered and tumbled.  THEN I am ready to sit down and make stuff.

So thats what I am doing this week.  The other week I made bronze beads in preparation and painted polymer beads.  So I am almost there.  I cannot wait to start making jewelry.  Sea Glass fest, here I come!!!!

I will be making a couple pieces of jewlery for my Alice in Wonderland Blog hop this saturday the 9th.  So stop back and check out the Curious Fun We will be having!!!!


  1. Are you going to be selling any of your components this weekend at Lewes?

    1. I may bring some beads and stuff to Lewes. (Its the weekend of the 23rd) So if you stop by and want to see them, just ask, I will probably have them in the back.

  2. I do the same thing! It seems like I run out of ALL my components at the same time. They're great in-the-car-on-my-lunch-hour projects! And in front of the tube for sure--some ladies cross-stitch, we make earwires.

  3. I can make ear wires & headpins in bulk but it seems like for other components, I just can't decide what I want until the second that the need arises. I can't get in the habit of making lots of components at once. I *so* wish that I could get into that habit!