Friday, June 29, 2012

About the Sea Glass Festival

I am finally cleaned up and unpacked from the show.
(if you read the post below, you can see what a disaster I was dealing with)
Now I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

Thats much better.  I don't mind some chaos, but I need to be able to sit at my desk for anything to happen.  There will be some major destashing going on at a later time, but for now, I am happy to be able to sit and work.

So, I survived the sea glass festival in Lewes DE.  It was a great time, though it was HOT!  Thankfully the awful storms rolled through Friday and Friday night, and were cleared out until Monday.  I couldn't have asked for better timing.

The hubs and I drove down friday and had a whole night to relax before the show. It's nice to getaway just the two of us, though we were both really beat this year, I think it was the heat! 

We checked into our hotel on the Canal, and saw this right away. 

Need a closer look.......(still not too clear, hubs spotted it from soo far away, he still has the eyes of a young man)

Some sort of water fowl eating a fish on the telephone pole.  The wildlife is great in Lewes.  We saw all kinds of cool water fowl. 

The hotel is nice, nothing fancy, but its clean and affordable and the owners are nice and down to earth.  Its called the Vesuvio, and it has good parking and is walking distance to most everything.

Saturday set up went pretty smooth.  There was an issue with where tents went and such, but once it was all worked out, Justin and I were set up in no time.

We had a nice spot, in FULL SUN.  Thankfully I brought battery operated fans.  Plus a fan spritzer that I keep in the cooler, filled with water and a few drops of essential oils for extra refreshment.

The sea glass festival was fun as always.  We were there with lots of other sea glass jewelry vendors, but we are all so different, its really fun!  Lewes is filled with friendly people, not just at the festival, but everywhere we went.  Its a very welcoming place.

I didn't take many pics while we were there. I was busy, or hot, or tired, but pics just didn't happen.
I picked some sea glass up from the old guy who collects TONS of it in the Chesapeak bay in some secret spot that used to be a shooting range (they shot old plates and such for decades there....)  He sells the pieces for $1 each and has three tables FULL of sea glass.  Its a beachcombers dream.  No sand, bound to find something you love, fun fun fun tresure hunting. I like the big chunky pieces and the bonfire glass that's been melted.  It has a very organic feel to it.

After I bought from him I was newly inspired to make some jewelry.  I made this piece from a wonderful piece, in a color I haven't really seen before.

And I made this super chunky one, not for the faint of heart!

 And this one..................(I really thought I'd be burnt out on makin' sea glass pieces for awhile, but nope, I was freshly inspired)

And how fun is this?  I ran into a friend I met at Berks Bead Show this year (Dona, of Kindred Spirit Designs).  Our booths were next to each other at Berks, and we just hit it off.  I just love her fun and earthy spirit.  I can't believe we ran into each other in DE!  Well, we hung out a bit, and chatted and talked sea glass, and she lent us an umbrella for my fair skinned hubs, and lent me some ribbon, so I made her this.  Isn't it just sooo her??? I love making gifts for people.

Here are just some random booth shots. I take them in the morning so I can whats missing later.

It was a good show, even with the expenses of going away.  I was so happy to see my pieces well recieved, and really really love when somebody find the perfect piece for them.  It feels great to know its going to a good home.

On Monday storm were rolling in, so no beach for us.  Instead we toured the Lightship Overfalls.  It was just awesome, and I love learning the history of sea side towns.  If you get to Lewes, I highly reccomend the tour!

That's it. I spent some time with the kids this week, because I missed them in the show prep and while we were away. Now back to work. I will try to start listing some of the stuff I have left.  If you want to see anything in the shop, feel free to email me at


  1. Staci, your booth looks grea and your jewelry is fabulous! I love the sea glass you picked up. Sounds like it was a great trip for you.

  2. Inspiring jewelry!!!!!!!! Loved the big chunky ones!!!!! Fabu lady!

  3. What a gorgeous collection! I really love the unique and artistic elements of your jewelry. Glad the show went well.

  4. I know that feeling - when the studio's so full of stuff, there's no space left for me to sit down to work! And then that good feeling when everything's back where it belongs and I can start working on my new designs! Love your large seaglass pieces - eyecatching.

  5. Wow! Love the post! What beautiful finds from that guy that sells beach glass! Love the top of the bottle.

    How fun for you to run into a friend. Love the necklace you made for her!

    Your booth looks beautiful as well. Lots of wonderful treasures to suit any taste!

    So glad you and Justin had some time away.

    xo Genea

  6. Love seeing your jewelry and display. Glad to hear it went well.

  7. Love how you picked up new pieces and were inspired right away! Dana's piece is luscious!

  8. Hi Staci, I love to see your new posts. Great stuff! Oh, and I think one of your new glass pieces -the lined lt. bluish one is from an old coke bottle. You know the ridged one? There is something special about the glass. I will let you know when I remember.

    1. There are definitely some coke bottles in there. One is even a partial bottle and can stand up, very cool stuff. Let me know what is special about them if you remember! I'd love to know more.

  9. I enjoyed your entire post, what nice coverage of the event! That first necklace is maaaaybe my favorite of this post, I really love it and the moon baby face just puts it in the knock-out class! You shared the prep work with us and now we can see the vast amount of jewelry you produced for this show, you are a high achiever! The necklace for your friend suits her perfectly! Looking forward to the de-stash!!

  10. Love your blog and love that you love sea glass!! I've worked with it rarely but I love it. thanks for sharing your new creations and new finds!